Wednesday, September 11, 2013

J. Crew Factory - September

Last weekend my trip South included a stop-over at the JC Factory store as well. Sweater season is not here yet, but that wasn't stopping anyone from shopping for sweaters. I liked quite a few, and among them the Factory Warmspun Intarsia Hen Sweater size S. This seems to be sold out in many sizes on the website, but the store had plenty of them in the 'parisian white.' There was only one left in the navy motif.

Next was the Factory Warmspun Intarsia Bulldog Sweater also size S. This sweater was extremely popular last year, as you may remember.

Lastly, the Factory Intarsia Sweater in Polka Dot size S as well. This sweater is all merino wool. Last year's version at the J. Crew store was cashmere, if you recall.

What else I liked at the Factory store:

Right now, J. Crew Factory is offering 30% off new arrivals, prices as marked. Have you shopped this sale? What did you get? EDIT: FriendlyFemme let us (in the Comments section) know code VIP still works for an additional 30% off & free shipping. I just did a mock checkout and worked. Thank you, FriendlyFemme!

Thanks for dropping by and have a great day tomorrow, everyone!


  1. I got the colorblock fair isle sweater yesterday and the leather bomber today, because it won't ship until October. The code VIP still works today to get an additional 30% off plus free shipping if anyone was interested.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I got the hen print scarf. It was cheaper than at the outlet.

  2. it is interesting to see the regular crew stuff come around the next season in a factory incarnation. it almost takes away any urgency to get them at the retail stores, doesn't it! i am now going to check out the site for items though - thank you for the codes!!! :)

    1. I know what you mean, although the yarn/fabric is usually different. As long as you don't mind that, it's ok. I loved the Factory version of the French hen scarf because it was long, whereas the version from last year was a huge square which I didn't want.


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