Tuesday, September 17, 2013

J. Crew Factory - September (II)

The following are photos from the weekend before last when I took a trip South of the border. As I said before, the Factory store had a lot of sweaters on display. See my previous post here. The Factory Warmspun Herringbone Jewel-Collar Sweater size S is similar to the Collection Jewel-Collar Sweater from last year (scroll down). I say similar because the yarn is not all wool, but viscose 37% /nylon 35%/ wool 28%. I really liked the burgundy version. The store had quite a few of those, so if you cannot find it on the website any longer, call a Factory store. They will do a charge/send for you.

Next is the Factory Warmspun Colorblock Fair Isle Sweater also size S. This is the Factory version of the Inside-Out Fair Isle Sweater from last year which sold out very quickly. The sweater fits the same, but the ribbing is brown, not burgundy.

(More fair isle sweaters here, here, here)

I really liked this one from Brooks Brothers as well:

Lastly, the Factory Printed Silk Blouse size XS, or one size smaller than I normally wear at J. Crew. Great to see this cute print back at JCF this year. Here is last year's version.

If you like this print, you may also like:

Currently, the Factory store is offering 30% off all new arrivals through midnight tonight. I was able to get the Factory printed tissue scarf online. I saw the last one in the store the weekend before and I regretted not getting it then. Have you shopped Factory lately? What did you get? Please share.


  1. I got the Clare cardigan in Hen and the Warmspun Sweater in Carbon Black. I am so impressed with the quality.

  2. I'm glad to see that jeweled collars are still in. I have one from a couple of years ago from BR that I really love. Nice picks!

    1. I think they will stay for a while still. Thank you!


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