Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Banana Republic Reviews & New Arrivals

While accompanying my friend to BR, I noticed a couple of interesting pieces. Among them was this cute Plaid Trench size S. The fabric is 98% cotton and 2% spandex.

Plaid Trench (similar here, here, here)

Underneath I am wearing the Bold Houndstooth Pencil Skirt (size 4) and a beautiful red shirt (size 4), colour which I cannot see on the website. It looks identical to the Fitted Non-Iron Sateen Shirts.

And while glancing at the website earlier today, I was surprised to see quite a few new jackets that I liked. One item is the Striped Ponte Knit Blazer (and the matching skirt):

Striped Ponte Knit Blazer 
Striped Ponte Knit Skirt 

Another cute one is the Metallic Sweater Blazer, a mix of viscose, nylon and wool:

Metallic Sweater Blazer

 Next is the Animal Print Coat made of cotton & rayon, so good for early fall.

Animal Print Coat

The Navy Double-Breasted Coat is 100% cotton and the fabric has an interesting texture:

Navy Double-Breasted Coat

There is also an all-cotton red cotton named Textured Red Coat:

The Heritage Field Jacket seems to be one if the nicer ones I've seen so far this season. It's fully lined, so that should make it more comfortable to wear.

Heritage Field Jacket

Finally, the Quilted Jacket

Quilted Jacket

and the Quilted Vest in two colours:

Quilted Vest 

I don't recall liking so many fall items at BR recently. How about you? Anything that caught your eye?

Have a great day tomorrow, everyone!


  1. I really like their stuff this fall, and have my eye on their field jacket.

    1. Can't wait to see them in person. I would too, if I didn't already had one.

  2. The animal print coat is on the way to me; ordered with the 40% off promotion. They were selling briskly at the stores and my size was sold out already so I had to order online. Can't wait to get it. IMO, the pattern looks nicer in person. Thanks for all of your reviews. They are really helpful!

    1. It's really cute, shopalot! Hope you enjoy wearing it!

  3. Thanks for the reviews, cute things! I saw a few things there I liked last time I was in, but there was no promotion going on so I put two sweaters back on the rack and the dress I wanted wasn't available in the color I wanted, so I left with nothing. When I looked online, none of it was there. Then J. Crew's rollout happened, so J. Crew got my money. Banana Republic seems to have inventory issues, I always run into a problem finding what I want in my size and I usually give up and shop somewhere else.

    1. I agree, cate. Our local B&M store also has stock issues. Small sizes fly off the shelves, it seems.

  4. i have really liked a lot of BR items lately and like cate from the canadian e-comm side, the site itself isn't well stocked. i don't have time to go to the store in person, so that's a real shame.

    1. Both the website and the store seem to have stocking issues then.


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