Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Madewell New Arrivals Picks

My pal CC alerted of the Madewell new arrivals the other day, and today I finally got the time to check them out for myself. The Pixelbloom Top is all silk and has a beautiful vintage looking print on the front as well as the back.

Pixelbloom Shiftdress is the same silk as the top above.

Pixelbloom Shiftdress (similar here, here, here)

Silk Cargo Shirt in 'sundrenched lilac' looks gorgeous. It also comes in 'true black,' brimfield green,' 'parchment' and 'blood orange.'

The Tomato Tee has a print that looks more like a strawberry, really.

Tomato Tee (similar on white)

The Marled Shadetree Pullover is all french terry cotton, has an oversized fit and looks extremely comfortable.

Linen Raglan Tee in Broadstripe comes in three colour  combos and my favourite is the 'green/navy one. I have a couple of Madewell linen tees and they have held up really well with wear.

Linen Raglan Tee in Broadstripe (similar here)

The Penfield Kasson Parka comes in 3 colours. My favourite is the 'burgundy' shown below:

The Billie Boots look a lot like the Zipcode books from last year.

Billie Boots

The Studded Skinny Belt is still one of my favourites at Madewell:

Lastly, the Dotted Scarf is wool/silk. All Madewell scarves I have are a great quality and have lasted very well.
That's about it for now. Of course there are quite a few more items I liked, particularly sweaters, but I will stop here.

How about you? Have you checked the new arrivals at Madewell? What did you think of the fall collection? Please share.

Thanks for visiting and have a great day, everyone!


  1. You always have such great picks Rose. The pixelbloom items are very pretty. It's interesting that the stock photo of the dress shows the lower neckline that the model is actually wearing at the back. Zooming in at the neckline it looks like it is lined but no mention of a lining in the copy. I'm curious, will have to check it out.

    1. Thanks, xoxo! I see what you mean about the dress. You can always call CS and ask about the lining. I will be able to check it out soon enough, hopefully.

  2. I've been admiring quite a few of the new items. Love the pixelbloom print, not sure how great it would look on me.
    The See by Chloe blouse has a lovely print, but way too expensive.
    I'd love to see what sweaters you pick. I like several: the Striped Collar, Color-weave and Deckhouse, to name a few. I've never bought any of Madewell's sweaters but may try one of these.
    I've been really happy with their scarves as well. I think they have some interesting designs. Thanks for sharing your picks.

    1. I agree. See by Chloe items are a bit pricey. I liked the Striped Collar as well, and also the perfect textured stripe sweater in marled bone. I have several Madewell sweaters and they have held up very well. I'm certain you will like them too.

  3. Love your picks! I'm drooling over the bobbie oxfords in caterbury red, and the all weather outbound jacket...cos someone told me my EB fatigue jacket needs to be put to pasture ;) Hope to make it B&M before too long!

    1. Thanks, CC! Shoes are cute, and so is the jacket. Maybe we can check both out soon. Someone will remain nameless. :D

  4. I was in yesterday to do some returns and not much caught my eye. I think my favorite things at Madewell are their scarves (agree with you that they do really great scarves, both in terms of quality and print) and their jersey-type items -- last year they did a few tops and a dress that were great. Also like their shoes, particularly the oxfords and skimmers. I got an email about new denim, but don't love MW denim enough to even care...

    That tomato tee is darling but totally bizarre -- my guess is that 10 out of 10 people would say that is a strawberry -- almost like it's a joke except that (1) it's not so bizarre that you know for sure that it's a joke; and (2) it's not funny. ??? I'd like it if it didn't have any words on it -- I'm sure it's ultra comfy...

    1. Totally, agree, audreys! I love their skimmers as well and have worn mine quite a lot.

      Funny about the tee, isn't it?

  5. Rose, I recommend the pixiebloom top. It is so beautiful. I got it when I visited NYC last week and it is gorgeous. It is TTS. Good pick. Didn't try the dress. But I just had to have the top. No regrets.


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