Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Madewell - December

This past weekend CC and I made our way down to visit friends and do some shopping. I managed to exchange the Sidesaddle Riding Jacket size S I had received for a size XS, which fitted better. The store had quite a few sizes left. The Spotted Snowfall Sweater I am trying on is size S and 'burnt sienna' colour. It's made of angora/nylon and is extremely soft.

Spotted Snowfall Sweater (similar here, here, here)

Next is the Bookshop Cardigan size S and 'heather medium grey.' The 'emerald satin' and melodic purple are already on sale, for those interested. You have already seen the 'heather cement' colourway here before. I really like this cardigan, including the elbow patches on it. It's perfect for the weekends or for casual days at the office.

The Mirrorflower Dress (size 2 & 4) looked tempting on the sales rack, so I had to try this one as well. The one in the photo is size 4 and is just a bit longer. 

Other likes at Madewell:

Artdot blazer (IRL photo here)
Film noir pump in suede
Bobbie oxford 
Frankie Pumps in Suede (IRL photo here)
Heeled Hiking Boot:

Madewell is offering 25% off for $150+ orders plus free shipping through December 10 with code CHEERS. Ebates is currently 4%.

Have you picked up anything this sale? Please share!

Thanks for popping by and have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. pretty sweaters- love the spotted snowfall!! And that sidesaddle jacket is gorgeous- I'm glad you found your size!

  2. Thanks, Sarah! I love the red jacket! Thanks for stopping by.


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