Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Madewell New Arrivals & Animal Prints

Madewell new arrivals have appeared in the website this morning. Last weekend I was lucky enough to see some of these in person on a visit to Seattle. One of these was the Wildprint Pullover:

Wildprint Pullover 

There is also a skirt in the same print called the Safari Print Downtown Skirt. It is made from the same fabric as the pullover above.

Safari Print Downtown Skirt

And just for the fun of it, I tried them on both at once. The top is size XS, or one size smaller than I normally wear in Madewell tops, while the skirt is size S. I liked the skirt quite a bit, and would wear it with a black Tippi Sweater.

 Wildprint Pullover (similar here, here, here)

Also new (to me) was the Pebble Cardigan. I took one in size XS off the hanger because it looked so big, but it is supposed to be a bit oversized, so I think I would stick with my regular size S. The cardigan is a substantial merino wool knit and feels cozy and warm.

Other animal prints at Madewell (as they came in my Inbox):

Clockwise from the left:

Safari-print nightbell dress (in the same fabric as the pullover and skirt above)
Pebble sweater
Lovelock satchel in calf hair
Skinny skinny printed cords
Old town boot in calf hair
Southpaw pullover
Camden tote in calf hair

Other animal prints:

Leopard-spot belt
Dispatch mini-wallet in calf hair
Chelsea boot in calf hair

And since loafers seem to be 'in' this fall, here are the Library Loafers in Calf Hair:

Library Loafers in Calf Hair

This might be a good time to try some of the Madewell items on. Shipping and returns are free through October 24. That's more than three whole weeks!

My favourite is still the Safari Print Downtown Skirt. What's yours?


  1. I like the skirt on you, Rose. The loafers are cute. I have seen the Camden tote twice and it's all love.

    1. Thank you, gigi! I love the Camden tote too.

  2. I love the loafers, I just overdid leopard back in the 80's and can't look at it anymore.

    1. I never had any animal print until last year. Go figure.

  3. Looks like my daughter is right in line with Madewell leopard prints. ;) I like the skirt on you as well and the loafers are cute, I agree with Gigi for sure.

  4. Gall darn it Rose. Those loafers come in blue. Gall darn it. YOu look great as always and the prints are great.

    Gall darn it, those loafers come in blue...

    1. Thanks, WMM. It's free shipping and free returns, so this may be a good time to try things on.

  5. truly love it all! made well never disappoints!

    have a great day!

  6. I really like those loafers. I might have to take a trip to Madewell tomorrow!


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