Monday, October 22, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals Picks

New arrivals have popped on the JC site last week and I haven't had the chance to peruse them until this weekend. There is always something to love or like from the new rollout, among them the Collection Cashmere Colorblock Turtleneck in the 'aubergine/lilac,' but the I like the red just as much too.

Collection Cashmere Colorblock Turtleneck

Collection Cashmere Ribbed Sweater in 'heather cabernet' or 'frosted spruce:'

Collection Cashmere Ribbed Sweater

Cashmere Tee Dress in 'celestial blue' or 'poppy.' Do I see a pattern here?

Perfect Shirt in Black Watch but NOT paired with the floral skirt. Not sure about others, but this pattern mixing doesn't do it for me:

Perfect Shirt in Black Watch

Liberty Perfect Shirt in Assorted Florals in the 'navy paisley' motif, which is the blue version of the 'indian red' from the spring. The one shown below is 'navy:'

Lady Jacket in Corkscrew Tweed. Has a similar construction to the other tweed jackets I have from previous years, so I know I'll like this one:

Lady Jacket in Corkscrew Tweed

Collection Lady Jacket in Graphic Tweed has my favourite colours in it. Tabitha pointed out a jacket from Jigsaw in the same fabric. 

Collection Lady Jacket in Graphic Tweed

Sasha Suede Pumps (in black/gold). These differ from the Everly Pumps in that they are half an inch higher. Otherwise they seem to be identical.

MacAlister Shearling Wedge Boots. Hopefully they can fit a higher arch. The regular MacAlister Wedge Boots I tried on here didn't.

MacAlister Shearling Wedge Boots (similar here, here, here)

Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves. I tried these in the store and loved them. I normally wear 7.5 in gloves and a Medium from JC fits me perfectly.

Cashmere Long Gloves. These have been around last year as well, and I see they come in a total of 11 colours this year.

Cashmere Long Gloves

I also see the Distressed Denim Belt in the new arrivals section. Although this has been around a while, they seem to bring it back each year. I have this belt in both colours and have gotten a lot of use out of them:

 Distressed Denim Belt 

Not a single skirt on my wishlist this time around, if you can believe it. :) I hear new arrivals will be in stores next week and can't wait to try some things on.

What did you like from this roll-out? Please share!

Have a great beginning of the week, everyone!


  1. I likes some of the basics, for instance I would love the Tippi in 20 colours because it's such an easy top to throw on, I've ordered the autumn white pencil skirt and I keep looking at the pink metro/'lady day coats but I've never really worn pink before.

    1. I have a few Tippis myself. They are so versatile! Can't wait to see it on you, T.! Do you not have the pink tweed skirt from last year any more?

  2. I love J. Crew belts and I have this distressed belt in both colors. They are my favorites. What a funny thing for J. Crew to do right, belts, but they do. I love that first turtleneck (colorblock), so pretty. I like the Macalister wedges too but I can never figure out how to wear them so I admire them from afar. I am intrigued by the printed skirt shown above with the plaid shirt, I'd like to see it in person.

    1. Same here, Cate! They are great belts! You can wear the wedges with anything really - pants or skirts equally. The shirt is nice. I saw it in person.

  3. I love your picks! I'm glad to see JC has added a few more wintery shades, as frankly I'm tired of looking at easter egg shades. Hopefully our B&M gets an item or 2 in the corkscrew tweed.

    1. Thanks, CC! Nothing wrong with easter eggs, but would love to see some real fall colours, I agree. Fingers crossed we do.


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