Monday, September 17, 2012

J. Crew - September (VI)

A couple more things I tried on on my last J. Crew visit. First is the Jaspe Scoopneck Popover size S, or my regular top size. The colour is called 'black melange.' The fabric content is acrylic/wool/cotton/other fiber 49/34/15/2. The fit is huge. Sizing down won't work for me because the sleeves are quite narrow.

Jaspe Scoopneck Popover (similar cardigan here, here)

Next was the Inside-out Fair Isle Sweater size S. This sweater fits similarly to the Tippi, but it's a much thicker knit. It's all merino and the label says 'dry-clean.' The inside-out pattern can snag quite easily, but usually I am careful with my clothes, so it's not an issue for me. I loved this sweater quite a bit.

Inside-out Fair Isle Sweater (similar here, here & a cardi here

And lastly, the Matchstick Cords in size 27 & 28 and 'burnished teracotta' colour. They come in 7 other colours. Size 27 is my usual matchstick and bootcut siz, while in toothpick pants at JC I take size 28. I liked these cords quite a bit and I might spring for a pair later on.

Matchstick Cords (size 27)

  Matchstick Cords (size 28)

That's it for now. As mentioned in my previous post, JC is having another sale. Code LOVEIT will get you 30% off sale items. Anything exciting that caught your attention this time around? Some of the sale items with IRL photos:

Edie grand (IRL photo here)
Naomi top (IRL photos here)

Thanks for visiting, and have a lovely Tuesday, everyone!


  1. Oh the matchstick cords look great on, I always buy the toothpicks but then as of October it's too cold for ankles, I should really opt for these in the future.

    1. I only have matchsticks and bootcuts because I think they are usually more flattering on me, but good point about warm ankles! LoL

  2. Rose - you are the first person (including the model!) whom I think looks good in that inside out sweater!

    I think the toothpick cords look great on you and i love the tippi sweater!

    1. Thanks, WMM! They are not toothpicks though. :)

  3. Rose- the color of the cords is scrumptious, don't you think? Reminds of all things fall- caramel apples, crunchy leaves, mmmmm...


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