Tuesday, September 11, 2012

J. Crew - September (IV)

Just a short post today with a few of my past try-ons that I haven't had the chance to blog about yet. First is the Navy Tweed Jacket size 4. This is my usual jacket size at JC. See it on CC here. The fit is similar to the Verona jacket from last year (maybe a bit more forgiving, if I really think about it). I know that some will not like it because of the metallic thread through it. If so, I would wear it evenings only. The fiber content is silk/cotton/viscose/other fibers 62/25/11/2, with a poly lining. The top is the Pom-Pom Shell I tried on here earlier. This time I went with my usual top size (2) and the fit was much better. The skirt is also JC and I was happening to wear it that day.

Nicky Top (similar here)

Next was the Schoolboy Blazer in Houndstooth size 4. I thought it fitted close to the ones I tried on earlier this year. It's 100% wool, but it felt too bulky for me. There is also some pulling just below the pockets, if you look at the photo closely.

Lastly, a photo of the Biennial Medium Satchel in 'saddle.' I liked this bag when it first came out, but just got the chance to try it on for size. The handles on 2 bags I saw in the store had slightly different colour than the bag itself. It was almost imperceptible, but you know me. That said, I liked the bag quite a bit. Make sure you check out rynetta's blog soon for a review of the blue one.

I also checked out a few of the new arrivals and will be posting some soon. Did you get to see any of the new stock yet? What did you think?

Hope you are having a lovely week so far.


  1. I really like that jacket, but sadly, that is not a style that works on me! I think the skirt looks great and I really like the satchel!

  2. The tweed jacket is pretty on you, and I like the satchel. However, the different color leathers would bother me too!

    1. Thanks, KnitYarns! I agree, not good about the bag.

  3. Thanks SO much for the link love! And, thanks for these great reviews!!!


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