Wednesday, August 15, 2012

J. Crew Factory - August

Lots of new colours at the Factory store too. Right at the entrance I found these two pieces: a merino wool Tippi-like sweater in polka dots (item # 93579, $79.50) and the factory version of the Vintage Tweed Skirt from last year (seen here). CC noted that she didn't feel a difference between this merino wool sweater and the regular Tippis. I didn't either.

The skirt (size 2, item #98003), on the other hand, seems to be made of a better fabric than the version from last year. The fabric is wool/acrylic/polyester : 48/37/15 with an acetate lining. Last year's version, which I got in the navy colour, is wool/acrylic/polyester : 44/37/19 with a poly lining. So the factory version has more wool content. The downside of the factory version is its length. I didn't have a measuring tape with me, but it seems shorter. The old version is 22.5" long.

 Factory Polka Dot Print Tippi Sweater (similar here, here, here)
Factory Vintage Tweed Skirt (similar here, here)

New at the factory store are also cashmere sweaters. At first, I didn't quite believe my eyes. I am trying on a size small in a pink crewneck cardigan (priced at $158). The colour in the second photo is closer to the real colour. It's nice and soft, but a bit sheer.

Factory Cashmere Cardigan (similar here, here, here, here)

Another factory version of a previous regular JC store item was the Factory Lace Pencil Skirt in navy. I am wearing size 2, my regular skirt size at J. Crew. I missed out on this skirt last summer, and here it is taunting me again. Needless to say I loved it! The top is the Factory Vintage Cotton Henley in Wide-Stripe size S. I liked it, but the cotton, like all the other vintage cotton items, is not thick enough for my taste.

Factory Vintage Cotton Henley in Wide-Stripe (similar here, here, here)

And a peek into what I tried today at the JC store: the Harper Suede Boots in the brown colour. This pair was on display, half a size than I normally take in JC shoes. I had no socks on, however. With winter tights, they would fit perfectly, in my opinion.

Harper Suede Boots (similar here, here, here)

I have a few more factory items for a future post, and quite a few of the new roll-out items in the regular JC store. Stay tuned. :)

Have a great rest of the week, everyone!


  1. I like those boots, how much space was there at the top of the boots? I always need to buy French or Italian boots because that part of my leg is distinctly not British.

    1. I loved those boots a lot also and was already thinking of getting the leather version. I liked the look in the store, but then came home and the photos said another story. I think there is a good inch of space at the top, unfortunately. Even with thick tights there it still be a space left, and I don't like the 3/4 socks look to add another layer of thickness. My calf is 13.5" at its thickest, so I think other than Stuart Weitzman boots, I'll never fit into anything else around here.

  2. Rose, I think I'm the same as you, thanks for that.

  3. Just picked up the pink tweed skirt on a recent run to Factory. I was quite surprised at how good the quality was! I'd resigned myself to expecting sub-par fabrics at Factory but thought the thickness of the tweed felt comparable to FP products. How surprising -- and hilarious -- it is to hear that the fabric is actually better than last year's FP skirt! Thanks for the details!

  4. You had to go up a size or down a size?


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