Friday, August 10, 2012

J. Crew - August (III)

Last weekend I tried on some of the new arrivals and here are some more of the photos I took. First is the Painter Boatneck Tee in Stripe size S and 'moroccan sand black.' The light stripes are a beige colour, so it's darker than the colour on the website, which holds true for almost all the online photos at JC. I thought the look of this tee was quite flattering despite the horizontal stripes.

Painter Boatneck Tee in Stripe (similar here, here, here)

Not as flattering, but still nice, vivid colours on the Rugby Stripe Boatneck Top. I am wearing size XS, the same as the one I tried here before in another colourway. This is a size smaller than I normally wear in JC tops. Like CC mentioned here, I did not find the tee scratchy either.

Rugby Stripe Boatneck Top (similar here, here)

Collection Pencil Skirt in Abstract Floral (size 2) is beautiful, but the colours inspire spring to me, not summer or fall. The fabric, however, is a beautiful silk/wool blend and feels great to the touch. The top is a tank with strips of lace and silk ribbon. The tank itself is all cotton, the lace is cotton/nylon 95/5, while the ribbon is all silk. The colour is very close to my skin colour.

Lace Tank (item 91863)(similar here, here)
Collection Pencil Skirt in Abstract Floral (similar here, here, here)

And finally, the Ryder Short Leather Buckle Boots were on display so I had to try them on as well. I am not a fan of this kind of boot, but they sure are comfortable. I found them to fit TTS for me. 

On my wishlist:

Tie-neck top or Heavyweight silk bow top (or both)(in ivory)
Foldover knit pant. These look identical to my Lululemon pants (minus the cotton) and cost half as much. 

What's on your wishlist?

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Hello Rose:
    sometimes, something that you feature really does catch our eye. The striped black and beige tee shirt has definitely succeeded with us. A touch of the 'parisien' about it.Lovely!

    1. Hi Jane & Lance! Thank you for visiting! I loved the striped tee as well!

  2. M - thanks so much! I admired the abstract floral in the store very much, but had the same feeling about it. I also figured it would be one of those skirts that would go on sale relatively quickly - we will see if I am right about that!

    I like the lace tank, but that colour leaves me cold. Flesh colour tops look wretched on me - this one looks certainly much better on you than me, but you have to be a certain colouring to really rock that colour I think, and that colour is not mine!

    I am like Janet and Lance - I like the stripe T and sweater. I also really like the ryder boots - those would look wonderful with jeans IMO. Were they TTS?

    I like both the tie neck blouse or heavyweight silk T and they are on my wishlist, though I am reserving the right to change my mind with this Thursday's September roll-out! :-)

    1. It's Rose. M is over there ----> :)

      Thanks for visiting, WMM! Yes, I thought the boots were TTS, but I prefer my jeans to cover the boots, not wear them tucked in.

      Can't wait for Thursday's roll-outs!

  3. I like the striped tee as well, the fit is terrific.
    I don't really have a wish list right now for some reason. We'll see if anything in the next roll out catches my eye. I am looking for a dark brown skirt and possibly a brown dress as well, but they have to be perfect.
    Thanks for the reviews!
    Oh and I have those ryder boots, they are very comfortable and a good fit on my slightly narrow foot.

    1. I have a wishlist that gets constantly modified. It's nice to dream.

      I could do a brown skirt, but I don;t think an entire dress in brown would look good on me.

      Thanks for dropping by!

  4. I agree. The skirt, and the matching scarf are lovely, but not very "fall". The tank caught my eye yesterday in store, but it is certainly a difficult color for most people to wear . Thanks for the great reviews!

    1. Thanks for visiting, KnitYarns! I agree, pink hues are not for everyone.

  5. I love the tank. I agree with you on the skirt - totally spring!

    1. Thanks for visiting! Is it too early to shop for next spring? :)


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