Friday, August 31, 2012

Gap Reds

During my short stop at the mall tonight I peeked inside the Gap to check out some of the new arrivals. I noticed quite a few items in red that I liked, so I figured I should try a few of them on.

The Quilted Belted Jacket size S seems to be an in-store item right now. I have no idea if it is already sold out on the website or the red was never available online, but plenty of them were available in the store. I liked this jacket quite a bit, as it is different from the usual blacks or navy I have seen.

Next was the Military Button Academy Blazer size 4. This fits similarly to J. Crew's Schoolboy Blazer, but the Gap is just a bit bigger, in my opinion. The owl print scarf, which has the same print as the Fitted Boyfriend Popover Shirt I reviewed here, doesn't seem to be available on the website right now, but it was still available in the store.

Military Button Academy Blazer (similar here, here, here)
Owl Print Scarf (similar here, here, here)

A quilted vest (item 903297) size S. It feels quite warm as the filling is down. I didn't like the fake fur on the hood, but was happy to discover the hood is removable, so that problem would be solved easily.

Quilted Down Vest (similar here, here, here)

And lastly, the 1969 Cord Jacket in size S. This jacket fits a bit roomier than the 1969 Denim Jacket I got earlier but I loved it. Pink and grey versions are also available.

 1969 Cord Jacket (similar here)

That's about it for now. The Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy are offering 30% off online purchases this weekend with code FALLCALLS that expires Monday, September 3. Canadians get 25% off with code HAPPYBDAY. Are you eyeing something at the Gap this weekend? Please share. EDIT: the Gap is 4% now on eBates, so place your order through them for additional savings.

This afternoon I took guests back to the airport and I will be spending the weekend cleaning the house and getting ready for next week, when I return to work. I will also make some cherry jam, if I don't eat all the cherries first. How about you?

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely long weekend!


  1. I love that quilted jacket! Off to Gap in the morning!

  2. I really like the quilted jacket, too! But I have a quilted jacket and a vest by two other brands with that same stand up collar and realized they annoy me. They are ok at first, but after awhile I feel like they rub my chin too much. I try to avoid that style if I can :( If it were a tad bit shorter, I'd go for it because like you said, it's such a nice change from black and navy.

    1. I find wearing a scarf helps with a high collar like that. Or I just unbutton the jacket.

  3. that quilted jacket is adorable - i saw it online but only in the black and navy! going to see if it came in our stores this weekend! thanks for the tip! have a great weekend! xox P

    1. YW, phiphis blog! Hope you find it as well!

  4. Hi rose, I love the quilted red jacket. Will this keep me warm when I travel to NYC first week of November? It looks very nice, enough room for layering?


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