Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Gap - August

Last weekend I was able to check out the new arrivals at the Gap in person. As I suspected, I liked the Fitted Boyfriend Popover Shirt size XS in elephant print immediately. It's such a cheerful top! I am wearing one size smaller than my usual Gap top sizes here. The top seems to be gone off the website in the regular sizes, but there were plenty in the store.

And here's the same fit shirt in the 'owl' print:

You may have also seen Anthropologie's Hanalei Buttondown here before (another owl print).

Next was the Striped Crewneck Top size S. This one's a thick cotton jersey, and hard to believe it's only $29.95. It's quite roomy, so for a fitted look I may go for one size smaller.

Since we are on to stripes, here's the Nautical Shift size S, or my usual size in dresses. The dress comes in 3 colours and has a zipper on the left shoulder. The fabric is a thick, comfortable cotton jersey.

Nautical Shift (similar here, here, here) 

And lastly, a new 1969 Denim Jacket size M. There was no size S to try on, but I know S would be a good fit. Size M is too big and the sleeves are quite long on me.

 1969 Denim Jacket (similar here, here, here) 

As mentioned in my previous post, here are my other picks for denim jackets:

Anthropologie's Inner Art Denim Jacket (IRL photo here
Madewell's Goldrush Jean Jacket (IRL photo here)
J. Crew's Stretch Denim Jacket (IRL photo here)

More well-priced denim jackets at:

Free People - Baja Denim Jacket
American Eagle - Dark Denim Jacket
Chaps - Denim Jacket
Urban Outfitters - Levi's Trucker Jacket

The start of school is just around the corner, so I'm counting on a few discounts from the Gap soon. Have you been to the Gap lately? What caught your eye?

Thank you for reading, and have a great Wednesday, everyone!

EDIT: Gap is offering 30% off through Sunday on the entire order with code GAPFRIENDS.


  1. I have the striped shift dress in grey. Ive worn it so many times in the past couple of weeks. It looks cute on you. Thanks for posting the striped crewneck. I saw that in-store and wanted to add it to my online cart, but forgot.

    1. It's a good tee-dress. Glad you liked it too. The striped crewneck is on my list as well.

  2. PRESALE is 30% off today only :) thanks for the great reviews!

    1. Thanks for the code! I just ordered the elephant top and a few other pieces.

    2. Thanks, mack! I went to the store and mentioned the sale to the SA. She said they honour it if it is mentioned to them, but it was not advertised. I was happy! The denim jacket was gone in size S both in the US and Canada, so glad I could snatch it for a good price in the store.

  3. I ordered two items from the Gap recently and one of them was the elephant print top. It's so cute and I'm wearing it today.

  4. Hi! Thank you for your review. Both of the striped items look great on you.
    To help me with the striped dress, what would be your measurements?
    I am quite bootylicious, so on top I tend to always be an XS, but the bottom is another story. If I know your stats, it would probably help me figure out if I should order an XS or a S.
    Thanks :)

    1. Thanks, marypopps! I take S in tops (sometimes XS) and size 2 in pants/skirts at J. Crew and size 4 in Gap pants, usually. Hope this helps.

    2. It does help, thanks!
      I'm usually an XS, so I suppose I should stick with that size and hope it won't be too tight around the booty ;)

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I had to delete my initial comment because it was about how cool I thought that elephant top and should consider it. Then of course I went to the web site and proceeded to order it with the code Mack provided.

    2. Excellent! Glad you were able to take advantage of it.

  6. i got the striped top in the navy colourway - aren't those elbow pads the most awesome detail?

    the elephant top is so fun - thank you for these reviews.

    xox P



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