Thursday, July 19, 2012

J. Crew New Arrivals Picks

The much anticipated new roll-out that included fall items debuted on the J. Crew website today. Opinions are mixed on it, but I found quite a few items I liked. Here's a few of them, starting with the tops:

Optic-Dot Boatneck Tee. I'm happy to see a different kind of polka dot design. I have the Madewell Spotted Pictureshow Tee and just got the Polly Popover on the last promo, but this one is different. Love it in the dark version (navy/green).

Optic-Dot Boatneck Tee

Next is the Collection Organza Jacket (not to wear with the above top, obviously). This will dress up just about anything. I probably would never wear this with matched pants like in the photo below.

Since we are looking at organza, how about the Collection Organza Sheath Dress in 'admiral blue?' While the 'canvas' version in the photo and the 'pewter' are pretty too, I'm sure the blue would look the best on me. The fabric is silk/wool and the length seems perfect. I only wish J. Crew would post the length of their dresses, like Madewell does.

Collection Organza Sheath Dress

Silky Pleated Pant is paired with the Polly Popover, which is on its way to me. The PS said she'd like to see me in pants more, so I am willing to take a look at these.

Silky Pleated Pant

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Herringbone. No need for words, other than I like all 3 colours.

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Herringbone

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Wool Yes, more skirts. I am thinking the black one for now, but at least 4 more appeal to me right now.

Pencil Skirt in Pepper Tweed. Oops! Another skirt! And then I read the fabric content: cotton/poly, so I changed my mind.

Everly Cap Toe Leather Pumps. Love the colorblock idea on shoes, but like the Suede version as well in 'burnt sienna.' If they fit better than the Mona Pumps, I'd love a pair.

Everly Cap Toe Leather Pumps

Biennial Medium Satchel in the 'saddle' colour. I still like the look of this bag, but my experience with the large Biennial Satchel has not been good and I had to return it. I see in the smaller version they removed the third compartment (the one in the middle). If they also reinforced the bottom, then we might have a winner here.

Another bag: the Edie Grand. This I saw for the first time on the JCA blog in the black colour and immediately said I wanted it.

Edie Grand

There are a few more items I like:

Perfect fit boatneck tee (comes in 12 colours)
Colorblock stripe top
Stripe hoodie
Cashmere Tippi sweater (IRL photo here)
Golden paisley ruched top

The 50% off sale items was still going on at the Robson store, and an SA told me it would last through Saturday. Makes sense, since they will need room for the new arrivals, so I am guessing soon after next week the sale section of the website will get bigger. I got the Cafe Capri in Safari Cat (gasp! an animal print on me) and can't wait to wear them.

This Saturday the local store will also have an event (check with yours to see if it runs in your area as well) called a 'Pool Party.' They will measure you in order for you to be able to order the appropriate size swimwear off the website. 

Did you check out the new arrivals? Over, or underwhelmed? What did you like? Please share!

Have a great Friday and do not forget to enter my giveaway here, if you have not already done so! Deadline is Saturday midnight PST.


  1. If the sheath dress ever goes to sale I'd be very tempted although I really don't even wear the dresses I have, I'd love to see it on though, I think it could be amazing or just sack like. The blue of the satchel is amazing.

    1. I will make a sack look good with a belt if need be, but these dresses with a waist do not fit me at all. :)

  2. I'm like Tabitha in eying the sheath dress... This may be one of my lists for fall. I really could use a dress like that... Very age appropriate and classy - if it doesn't fit like a sack!

    I like all of your picks! I am actually trying to make a shopping plan for this fall that won't see me breaking the bank. It is hard however...

    1. Nice dress, so let's hope it makes it to sale.

      Thank you, WMM! I know about hard... LOL

  3. We have the same worry about the dress, designs that aren't quite fitted can be very tricky to look good in, but the fabric is fabulous!
    I love all of your picks Rose and I thought there were a few interesting things in the roll-out. Of course I love to look at all of it, and read everyone's personal picks!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. So far I haven't had much luck with the fitted dresses, so maybe a sack is what I need. :)

      Thanks, Dani! I love browsing through the website when the new roll-outs appear! Have a great weekend also!

  4. Thanks for the tidbits about the Biennial bags. I'm interested and don't always *think* of all the nuances of a new bag, I just get excited by the colors and think I have to have it.

    Eek! Free measurements to determine your swimsuit size, uh, no thank you. Lol I'm afraid I'd have to pass. :P

    1. Thanks for dropping by! Glad if I could help. I love colours a lot too!

      It's a good thing. I think. :)


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