Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Madewell - June (III)

I've had my eye on the Fine Farewell Maxidress since I first saw it on the website, and I was glad to have the chance to try this on. This is size 4 and it's slightly large on me. There was no size 2 in the store. It fits similarly to the Striped Parklane Dress seen here before. In the store it was styled with the Goldrush Jean Jacket. This is probably one of the nicest and best fitting denim jackets I tried this year. I am wearing size S and it fits TTS.

The Cabana Dress looked interesting because of the colour combination, but even the XS looks baggy on me. This one definitely got a pass from me.

Cabana Dress (similar here, here, here)

Another nice maxi dress I tried on recently is the Hammock Maxidress. Size S fits comfortably on me and I liked this a lot, probably more than the Gap one I blogged about here before.

And here's the Silk Dotty Passenger Skirt which is currently on sale in the store (and an additional 40% still applied as of yesterday) in size S and 'navy.' This is an easy to wear skirt with an elastic waistband.

Lots of things on sale in the B&M store right now, among which:

I score the Paintichip Scarf and the Widelegger Trouser Jeans (item 39456, no longer on the website) for a song.
Have you visited Madewell lately? Have you taken advantage of the 40% off sale?


  1. A pencil skirt with a elasticated waist band - this is what I've been after all my life! I buy them to fit my hips and so they are alway skintight at the waist and quite uncomfortable. I love the cabana dress on you, what shame it was too big.

    1. I know, T. Several of their skirts have that. What a no brainer idea. I know what you mean. Often I have the same problem. Thank you!

  2. OMG the dotty skirt is on sale plus 40% off?! I had ordered one on promo and can vouch it's super cute but I thought it ran small and want the next size up. Too bad I'm not near a store, it takes an effort to get there.

    1. Yes, tiffany rose, can you believe it? The in-store sales are insane. I found this to fit TTS for me. Medium would have been too large on the hips. If you know what size you take, you can call the store and have the items shipped. You will have to pay for that, but it might be worthwhile to do.


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