Monday, June 11, 2012

J. Crew - June (II)

This past weekend I had an appointment on the North Shore, so naturally I had to make a stopover at the J. Crew downtown. Is it bad if some of the SA's know you by name? :) Nothing much I hadn't seen in the store, with the exception if the cashmere tee below. The sale section got bigger and noticed that the Tessa Top was marked down as well. I blogged about the 'chili' one here before. The SAs mixed up the sizes and I am wearing a 6 below, but the one that came home with me was size 0. That's a size smaller than I normally take in tops. Edit: the colour is purple in real life, not blue.

Tessa Top  (similar here, here)(safari cat version here)
Wide Braided Belt (size S/M)(similar here, here, here)
J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double-Serge Cotton (similar here, here, here)

Featherweight Cashmere Stripe Boatneck Tee size S and 'nectar azalea' colour fits large, so I would size down in this. The colours are beautiful and the knit is very soft, but also very sheer, as you can tell from the photo. The pants are the Luxe Utility Pants and I blogged about them here before. They are currently on sale in the store.

And lastly, a striped tee (item #87296) size S seems to be an in-store only item for now. (I actually took these photos a while ago on my Seattle trip).  The tee comes in two colours schemes. The navy stripes on the left and the olive/khaki stripes on the right tee is ribbon sewn on. This fits TTS and the left is on my wishlist. Edit: this is the Ribbon-Stripe Boatneck Tee.

Ribbon-Stripe Boatneck Tee (item #87296)(similar here, here, here)

Summerlight Terry Pullover was marked down to $24.99 in the store (both colours). It's still showing full price online.

Hope you have a great beginning of the week, everyone!


  1. Love the blue belted! Looks awesome!

    1. Thanks, Tammy, but it is actually purple. Darn monitors!

  2. What is the color name of the Tessa top in your picture? On my monitor the top looks blue but only Brilliant Purple is available online. I've tried other items in Brilliant Purple and they were definitely purple, not at all blue so I'm wondering if it's an in-store only color. It does look really good belted (I have the same belt), and the colors are perfect.

    Did you know Madewell is having a 30% off sale at the b&m through Wednesday?

    Have a nice Tuesday, & thanks for the reviews!

    1. Hi JustVisiting! The top is brilliant purple. They all look blue on my monitor, including the one on the website. I edited my post to reflect that.

      Thanks, but I am nowhere near a Madewell right now, unfortunately. Thank you, and thanks for popping in!

  3. I just love that striped cashmere tee, the colors are so beautiful! If only it would go on sale....are the colors as beautiful in real life as they look online?

    1. Hi Erika! Thanks for visiting! The colours look even nicer in real life. The lighter stripe seems warmer IRL. I will double-check tomorrow when I will go to pick up my Luxe utility pants.

    2. I'm so excited they look even nicer in real life! I've been admiring the way they styled it on the J Creew site, layered over the chambray pretty. It looks like it runs very large on you, would you recommend going down 2 sizes or just 1? I'm normally, a medium at J Crew, once in a while a small but I would prefer it to fit the way it looks on the model on their site so I am contemplating getting the XS (even though I am never an XS).

      Thanks for your help!


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