Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anthro - June (l)

Anthro announced a relatively large sale today, and where do you think I stopped after work? Nothing in the sale section screamed wanting to go home with me. Right at the entrance this display with the Half-Day Maxi Dress and the Gilded Estate Skirt caught my eye:

The Gilded Estate Skirt (style 24710063) in size 4 is the larger of my two sizes in Anthro skirts. The pattern is perfectly matched at the back and on the side seams:

Gilded Estate Skirt (back)

The side has some ruching going on right below the waist, creating more curves. Overall, I liked this skirt better than J. Crew's No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Porcelain Paisley seen here before.

Another pretty skirt that winked at me was the Dilated Lace Skirt (style 24474645). (I am still getting a chuckle at some of the names Anthro uses for their items). I tried both size 2 & 4, with size 4 giving me a bit more length, but not by much. The top is the Slanted Layers Tee (style 24332751) size S and 'ivory.' This is my regular size in tops at Anthro. The top comes in 3 other colours as well. The 'ivory' is quite see-through.

                       Dilated Lace Skirt (Size 4)(similar here, here, here)

Lastly, the Pilcro Rolled Crops (style 24556318) size 28. This seems to be my regular size in pants at Anthro. Loved these. They are higher waisted than the jeans I own, and am definitely wishlisting them. The top is the Parted Paisley Tank (style 24366783) in size S and 'blue' motif. The jeans may look better with the 'green' though.

What else I'm liking at Anthro:

Current/Elliott Fletching denim skirt
Half-day maxi dress
Oleander openwork shift
Scrolled column dress
Anadia top
Pilcro stet slit crop

Anything new at Anthro on your wishlist? Thanks again for visiting, and have a great Wednesday, everyone!


  1. I love the half-day maxi dress! And the dilated lace skirt looks really good on you. Ditto on the name though; dilated? What? I'm currently working on the labour and delivery unit at the hospital and I can only think of one thing. xD

    1. Jyoti, that's hilarious! Since I am/was a chemist, dilated means something different to me, but it's equally funny.

  2. I much prefer the Gilded Estate skirt over the Porcelain Paisley skirt too, Rose. This one looks really good on you. Any thoughts of a possible purchase down the road?

    1. Thanks, FFM! Yes, I have wishlisted it (as if I didn't have enough pencil skirts already). :D

  3. I love the Gilded Estate Skirt; it looks great on you! I had to snag this one when I saw it in the store! I really like the Porcelain Paisley skirt too though.

  4. I am having hard time deciding which one i like the best, skirt it is- they are both very appealing in their own ways.

    1. I think both would look smashing on you, Slastena!

  5. Love the gilded estate skirt on you! The print is beautiful- I thought perhaps I had enough paisley print pencil skirts (2) but you never know what might get added to my wishlist!

    I love the colours and style of the half-day maxi, but I don't know if it will make it to sale. Definitely couldn't swing a full price purchase on such a casual piece! However I did actually see someone wearing it the other day, and it looked lovely. I had to do a double take because I NEVER see people wearing Anthro in Montreal, and particularly not something so new!


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