Wednesday, May 9, 2012

J. Crew Pants & Pumps

The following are photos from the JC visit a couple of weekends ago. First off, the Cafe Capri in soft fuchsia size 2, or my regular pant size at JC. The pants look reddish in this photo, but trust me, they are hot pink -- not neon pink, but a more saturated colour. I like them, and if I had a place to wear them to, I would get them.

The sweater is size S and supposed to look slouchy, I'm guessing. It is not showing up online, but it's priced $100 Cdn. It's a pass, since it's so sheer, I had to wear a cami underneath. Edit: this is the Stripe Linen Open-Stitch Sweater in 'indigo white.'

 Cafe Capri (similar here, here, here)

The shoes are the Mona Printed Pumps in my regular size at JC. They feel larger than the leather and patent ones I tried on. The foot is sliding forward. I still can't believe their price, considering they are a canvas shoe!


The second pair of capris are the Cafe Capris in Pop Art Polka Dot, also size 2. I will definitely pass on these, even though polka dots are popular at the moment. These pants are just not me.

(More polka dot pants here, here, here)

The shoes are the Mona Patent Pumps  in my regular JC shoe size, 8M. The toe box feels much tighter than on the ones above.

Mona Patent Pumps (similar here, here, here, here)

 I'd love to try these on as well:

Ready-or-not suede wedges (in burnished sand)
Lena wedges (in burnt sienna)

A couple of days ago I got an invite for an in-store only event happening this weekend. Of course I can't wait to go. Hopefully I will have some photos to show too.

As always, thanks for stopping by, and have a great end of the week!


  1. Capris can be tricky to wear- they are hit or miss for me too. Luckily I have an old pair of factory dots capris that are different cut and they work great!Thank you for reviews!

    1. I think the large polka dots are especially hard to wear, so I am not going to bother with them. I agree, it's a hit & miss.

  2. Thanks for the reviews...I love the new cafe capris! Great fit!

    1. The fits and the colours are great! I love your green ones!

  3. Great reviews as always Rose. I'm with you on the price of the canvas Monas but then I think J.Crew shoes are usually overpriced.

    1. Thanks, xoxo! I agree, they are overpriced.


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