Monday, May 7, 2012

J. Crew - May (I)

I have a few pics I haven't gotten around to posting yet, and today I managed to add new ones to the pile. Since I happened to attend a conference downtown, two blocks away from the JC store, of course I popped in again for a few minutes. 

A striped jersey dress (item 83380) size S navy background with green and white stripes, priced $82 Cdn and made of rayon/linen. This item is not on the website. As always, I am surprised that something that doesn't look like much on the hanger looks OK on the body. I prefer the belted look myself and will watch this dress when it hits sale. (It might be on sale by the time hot weather strikes here). Edit the dress is the Shoreline-Stripe Dress in Kelly Green.

Shoreline-Stripe Dress in Kelly Green (similar here, here, here, here)
Elastic Belt (similar here, here)

No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Seersucker size 2, fully lined. Fits the same as the other pencil skirts I have.  There is also a pair of Cafe Capri in Seersucker in the same fabric. See me trying them on  here. The Crochet Lace-Front Tee is size S and navy colour. I have tried this on in a different colour here before. Love both the skirt and the crochet top. See also the Factory version of the skirt on CC here.

Crochet Lace-Front Tee (similar here, here, here)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Seersucker (similar here, here, here)

I think this skirt would also look great with one of the Cashmere Tees, such as the one in 'neon pink' below. I noticed it in the store but I didn't have time to try it on this time. This tee comes in 12 (yes, TWELVE!) different colours, and it seems very nicely made.

Cashmere Tee

Since we are on the subject of cashmere, I noticed the Featherweight Cashmere Tunic looking a bit sad on a hanger, so I thought I should try this on with the skirt as well. I am wearing size XS, or one size smaller than my usual top size at J. Crew. I didn't care much for its slouchy look or the thin knit.

Featherweight Cashmere Tunic (similar here, here, here)

Items I have my eye on at JC:

BR 2 doors down from JC had a sale on today, and I managed to get this skirt for $29.99 minus 30%:

And this is what I had for lunch at the new place across from Thierry's called Black + Blue: tomato soup, green salad, kobe beef sliders. It's a nice atmosphere and the food was good too. I couldn't finish the 3 sliders, so guess what I had for dinner? 


Hope you are having a great beginning of the week!


  1. Yummy lunch!

    Thanks for the reviews and the link love. Can you believe I haven't been to the store since opening week?! LOL.

    Love the striped dress on you. It's very beachy, which will suit your hood just great! LOL at the "sad" (read: lonely) cashmere sweater.

    1. Thanks, CC, and you are welcome! We'll have to fix that. :D

  2. When do you wear cashmere short-sleeve tee's? I always love the look of them but can't imagine a time of year when it would be chilly enough for cashmere but warm enough my exposed arms wouldn't be cold. Maybe with a jacket??

    Thanks for the reviews! I knew when I saw the picture of lunch there was no way you could have eaten all of it! :)

    1. I know what you mean about the cashmere tee. I'd wear it in the spring/summer in an office with A/C. It'd be too pretty to hide under a blazer, IMO.

  3. Rose, does the crochet tee run TTS? I've been considering it forever but have been wondering how it fits. TIA!

    1. Hi Elaine! Yes, the tee runs TTS. I take an S in JC tops and that's an S I am trying on.

  4. The tee looks pretty and the colors are nice. Does it appear to be decent quality? I love the colors of the cashmere tee but I just can't see myself wearing a short-sleeve cashmere sweater.

  5. xoxo, it looked way better than the featherweight tunic. I will take a closer look when I go on Saturday (got an invite for an in-store event). I didn't think so either, but I am warming up (no pun intended) to the idea. :D

  6. Hi, I adore your blog and all your reviews. I will be following you! I would love for you to check out my new blog thank you! Jeannie

  7. Hi, I adore your blog and all your reviews. I will be following you! I would love for you to check out my new blog thank you! Jeannie

  8. Thanks Rose. I like the idea of a lace tee under a jacket.

    I hope you will post about the store event on Saturday.


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