Monday, April 9, 2012

Madewell Sale

The Madewell 20% off sale continues through midnight tonight. Use code SOGOOD at checkout. Here is an updated list of some of the sale items with some links to in real life photos:


Dark-as-night opaque 1937 tights
Flurries fair isle scarf
Arrowstamp skinny belt
Plantlife scarf (silk/wool)
Sweet bella shimmer large leather pouch
Suede passenger clutch
Colorblock turnstile tote
Leather transport tote

Denim & Pants

Denim midi shirts in lasso wash
Denim midi shorts in locomotive wash
Denim midi shorts in whitewash
BlankNYC skinny jeans
(IRL photo here)
Denim wader shorts in wheelbarrow wash
Striped midi shorts in saddle stitch wash
Sateen skinny ankle pants
Rail straight jeans in black frost wash
Skinny skinny colorpop jeans
Flea market flare jeans in steelworker wash
(IRL photo here)
Flea market flare jeans in chamber wash
High riser jeans in black frost wash
Flea market jeans in colorpop wash
Salt & pepper slouch pants
Vintage rocker cords
Paperbag trousers
Colorwheel trousers


Studio sweaterdress
(IRL photo here)
Striped lamppost sweaterdress
(IRL photos here and here)
Twilight twirl dress
Deep woods shirtdress
Streetview shirtdress
Indigo ink sweaterdress
Indigo stripescreen shirtdress
Striped silk tee dress
Silk smockpleat dress
(IRL photo here)
Painted garden silk dress
(IRL photo here) 
Colorband shift dress
Dusklight velvet dress
Tux pleat shirtdress  

Something else by Natalie Wood rainbow scale shift dress 


Turnstile tweed parka
Porthole peacoat


Cubist necklace

Shirts & Tops

Plantlife pictureshow tee
Shrunken treeclimber boyshirt
Shrunken rustic boyshirt
Silk singalong top
(IRL photo here)
Silk intermission top
Silk pajama stripe shirt
(IRL photo here)
Silk lightveil shirt
(IRL photo here)
Lattice lace tank


Suede wedge bootie
Perfect pennyloafer pump
Almanac boot 

Suede hightower boot
Buckle-up wedge
Film noir pumps (IRL photo here)


Great lawn sweaterskirt
Colorband skirt
(IRL photo here)
Roseblossom skirt
(IRL photo here)


Joylight pocket pullover
(IRL photo here)
Topnote cardigan
(IRL photo here)
Striped outfield sweater
(IRL photo here)
Striped cablecrew sweater
Hideaway sweater
Rowboat sweater

Striped cashmere cabin sweater
Metallic mesh sweater-top 
Arrowshift Sweater
(IRL photo here)
Color chronicle sweater
Waterwell henley
Lock & key sweatercoat

Tees & Tanks

Indigo ink tank
Cloudtrail daybreak tee
Plantlife Pictureshow Tee 
Spotted pictureshow tee
(IRL photo here and here)
Shimmerlake Pictureshow Tee
Block stripe hoodie
(IRL photo here)

Have you picked up anything this time? Please share! :)


  1. Thanks for this rundown! Oh no, must. not. look ... so. tempting ...

    1. Cheers, Lisa! I Yes, true -- so many temptations!

  2. I love all your Madewell reviews and photos. I bought the sandbar sweater in Chilean flower and I hope it's a winner, I like that it is all cotton and a bit chunky. Can't wait to visit Madewell in Austin, TX next week. I may need an extra suitcase.

    1. Thanks, xoxo! I hope it fits well too. Heading to Madewell next weekend, hopefully.

  3. You's funny. Whenever I go into a Madewell store, I'm not tempted to try anything on. The layout of the store (at least the one I go to) feels more like a gallery than a store, and I always end up doing a lap or two and then heading out. But then I go online and I'm smitten!

    Anyway, I re-bought the polka dot pumps in a size up during this sale. Still waiting for that elusive polka dot pencil skirt to make it to the website...


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