Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Madewell New Arrivals

Finally, more new arrivals are showing up on the Madewell website. ClosetCrisis and I saw some of the things in stores two weeks ago already. Among my favourites is this Striped Bookplate Dress which has a stripe pattern that reminds me a bit of the 'engineered stripe' from J. Crew. It also has an appropriate length for my taste (over 39"). One thing I appreciate about the Madewell website is that it is showing the length of their garments (dresses, skirts and pants).

Striped Bookplate Dress

Another very pretty dress is the Shimmerlake Shiftdress. This one would be a tad short on me, but I am certain petite gals will appreciate it.

A gorgeous 'siberian red' Fine Farewell Maxidress I can't wait to try on:

Rugby stripes are still present everywhere, and the Fairgame Rugby-Stripe Shirt has a back design that's just a little different than other retailers.'

Fairgame Rugby-Stripe Shirt

Madewell seems to have at least a couple of pretty lace tops in every roll-out, and this time is no different. Lacy Waves Top is all cotton and flattering in this blush tone:

A beautiful silk top you can see on ClosetCrisis here and on me below is the Silk High Tea Top:

 Silk High Tea Top (size S)

The Party Favor Tee reminds me of the Spotted Pictureshow Tee reviewed here earlier and which is currently on sale. It also comes in a red colour as well.

Party Favor Tee

Shimmerlake Pictureshow Tee is the same pattern as the shiftdress above:

Shimmerlake Pictureshow Tee

Arrowshift Sweater size S is a linen/cotton blend and looks quite flattering on:

 Also love:

Have you checked the Madewell new arrivals? What did you think?

Thank you for visiting and have a lovely Wednesday, everyone!


  1. great picks! I'm really loving Madewell items! I need to check out the Fairgame Rugby-Stripe Shirt and the Lacy Waves top. Super cute items!!

    1. Thanks, rynetta! I will check them out too soon, hopefully!

  2. Love that Stripe Bookplate dress! I have a feeling it will be my next Madewell purchase, at least to try on. Thanks Rose!

    1. It looks so cute! Can't wait to try it on too!

  3. Thanks for the link love once again! You picked out some nice pieces there. I love how MW's pieces all seem quite unique, and can "stand alone", without making me think too hard about making up outfits.

    1. Cheers, CC! Thank you very much. I am guessing that's why they are becoming so popular.

  4. Thanks for mentioning there were new arrivals, I haven't checked Madewell for a while. Your reviews and IRL photos are always so helpful. What did you think of the Lyocell fabric on the Bookplate dress? Do you have a photo coming up?

    1. Can't wait to go back there. Thank you so much, xoxo! I haven't had the chance to check it out, but in my experience Lyocell is good. Will have to see how easily it wrinkles. I am actually working on a post about these cellulose-based fibres.


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