Sunday, April 22, 2012

Gap - April

Earlier this week I passed by the Gap while looking for a present for a friend whose birthday is coming up and noticed some new arrivals. I had seen the Shrunken Leather Jacket on the website before, but this was the first leather jacket sighting at the local Gap store. Although the colour does nothing for me, I like the soft leather and the cut. I'm wearing size S.


The Striped Knit Sweater size XS is one size smaller than I would normally wear. Initially it caught my eye on the website, since it's linen, but it's very sheer (you can see my white tee underneath).

 Striped Knit Sweater  (similar here, here, here)

Striped Two-Button Blazer size S and 'navy stripe.' Also comes in 'gray stripe.' It's a thick, cotton jersey, unlined and machine washable.

The Textured Pencil Skirt size 2 comes in red only. It's 100% cotton, unlined and machine washable. I would consider a Tall size for extra length. The sweater is the Factory Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt. I love this sweater!

I also like:

Striped Terry Hoodi
Striped Tank Dress 
Colorblock Tank Dres
Chevron Stripe Maxi Dres
New York Arch logo tee
Milan graphic tee
Paris graphic tee
Thank you for reading, and hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!


  1. I picked up the blue Ikat shorts when I was away, I now own drum roll ...two pairs of shorts and tow swimsuits = what a beach wardrobe!

    1. That's 2+2 more than I own. I need to get me some soon.

  2. Loving the red skirt. Pops of color are where it's at right now!

    1. It's pretty, isn't it? I was happy to see it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks, JustVisiting! It fitted great!

  4. Love the leather jacket on you, cute detailing in the back. Haven't been to the Gap in (what seems like) ages. I really should branch out from J-you-know-who and check out the Gap soon.

    1. Thanks, CC! Yes, I agree fully. :)

  5. I like Shrunken Leather Jacket. It is very nice to you. I already bought it from Gap.


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