Thursday, March 8, 2012

Madewell Reviews - March (II)

At the risk of repeating myself again, I am liking Madewell more and more each time I visit there. It helps to go visit with a buddy who also shares the love for their clothes, such as Closet Crisis. Please check her blog as well for Madewell and JC reviews. I think I am good at showing restraint and not buying too much, and certainly not at full price, except maybe for the charms. Some of those never make it to sale, unfortunately, so if I like one that I like, I do get it. 

The Spot Show Cardigan size S and 'chilean flower' colour, which is a pink like what you see on the website, and not orange/red like I see on my monitor. This is a nice, sturdy sweater, although not as sturdy as the Topnote Cardigan I tried on here, and which is on sale for $39.99 in the stores. Like Closet Crisis, I also wishlisted this for later.

(more polka dot cardigans here, here here, here, here)

Bikepath Tee size XS and 'organic orange.' Check the other colour on CC. I didn't find this colour sheer, but it's definitely huge. Normally I take size S in tees, but this one is too big in XS.

Bikepath Tee (similar here, here, here)

Scallop Lace Top size S. This one's cuter than I expected it to be, and way nicer than the JC's Scalloped Lace Tank. Unfortunately it has some nylon, but I forgot to look if it's a large percentage or not. The Roseblossom Skirt is fabulous for those ladies who like A-line skirts. As you can see, it has pockets, which is always a plus. This print also comes in a dress, a bikini bottom and top, as well as in a scarf and a kerchief!

The sandals are the High Road Sandals and I blogged about them here before.

High Road Sandals (more wooden platforms here, here, here

Lastly for now, the Holepunch Tee Dress size XS. The good: it has a slip underneath. The bad: it's poly and it's too short. Too bad, as I really liked it at first sight.


Looking forward to trying on:

Soft-dot dress (at 36" long, I may be able to pull this off)
Attic and barn kami dress (this print looks gorgeous)

Hopefully they will be there on my next visit. 

Have a great Friday and please enter my giveaway if you haven't already done so!


  1. Lace tee, spot cardi & the print skirt are my favorite. I haven't shopped Madewell since last year. Thanks for irl pics :)

  2. For some reason I can't get excited by Madewell. It's just as well, though, I've got my hands full with J Crew, Gap, BR, Loft, Boden, Talbots... ;)

  3. Sweetie I can't see you on my list, can you please try to follow me by JOIN THIS SITE?
    GFC is having some issues right now unfortunately ...I had the same problems :(
    Follow me and I follow you back!

  4. gigi, you will love them, I promise.

    Sue, I used to think that way looking at the website, but not since I visited their stores.

    Laura, I am there -- just scroll through the followers - I show up on the 3rd page of the GFC.

  5. The showstop cardi is adorable! Must go look at Madewell now ...

  6. Think I'll get the Navy Spotshow if you get the pink one, just have to make sure we don't wear them when we head out together :) Too bad the HolePunch Tee dress is so short. Maybe wait for it to be on sale, buy then hem? Would make a cute tunic over skinny pants. Great reviews as always!

  7. CC, I think the navy looked very good on you paired with the bikepath tee. Not sure how versatile the pink might be, but the white one would look cute as well, and probably could get more wear out of it.

  8. I want ALL of those Madewell pieces, so darn adorable.

  9. I know what you mean, Slastena! Thanks for dropping by!

  10. I'm a huge Madewell fan. So sweet of you sharing the Look In Person reviews. The roseblossom skirt is darn adorable on you...


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