Sunday, March 11, 2012

J. Crew Reviews - March (III)

Here are a few more reviews from last week's trip to JC:

Attache Dress in Linen-Canvas size 4 and 'oceanfront.' It's a beautiful dress and would love to own something like this IF it wouldn't wrinkle so much. Those wrinkles in the front of the dress are just from me bending over to get the wedges on. Maybe the navy would show the wrinkles a little bit less. Those are the  Palma Leather Platform Wedges I blogged about here earlier. They are very comfortable to walk on, and I always like the extra height. ;)

Attache Dress in Linen-Canvas (similar here, here, here)
 Palma Leather Platform Wedges (similar here, here, here)

Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Abstract Leopard size 2. I liked this item the best of the abstract leopard print items offered in this roll out. Loved the longer length!

 Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Abstract Leopard (similar here, here, here, here, here)

I tried the Cafe Capri in Abstract Leopard size 2 on for fun only. Either the pattern or the thicker fabric  added weight on, in my opinion, from looking at the photos. The capris seem to be the same length  as the Cafe Capris in Sovereign Paisley I blogged about here before.

Cafe Capri in Abstract Leopard (similar here, here, here)

Talitha Top in Peacock Paisley size 0. This fits identically to the Talitha Blouse in Royal Paisley I blooged about in this post. Usually I am size 2 in tops, so this is one size smaller. If you are not broad-shouldered like me, you may want to size down even more. The Peacock Paisley version is 100% silk.

Talitha Top in Peacock Paisley (similar here, here, here)

That's it for now. The sun is out for a bit so I am going to take a walk through the woods before it starts raining again.  I have a few more Crew & Crewlet photos for some posts later this week. Have a great rest of the weekend, everyone!

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  1. I love the colour and fit of the linen dress on you, but totally agree that it's too wrinkly for words. Too bad, this is one instance where a blended fabric may perform better than all linen.

    What a surprise with the weather, eh? Have a great Sunday!

  2. What a pretty color on a dress, and, yes, I hate it too that linen blends wrinkle so much. Wrinkles are ok on casual pans, but a dress like that needs a crisp look , so no go.

  3. It is such a shame that the dress wrinkles that badly because it's a beautiful color!!! Thanks SO much for these reviews. Everything looks great on you!!!

  4. oh, but that dress looks fabulous! maybe copious amounts of starch could fix it...:)

  5. The skirt looks great. I think you'd need a 0 in those pants, although I'm pretty sure crazy pants aren't your style. If you crossover, lemme know. *lol* Attache color is so pretty. The Crew & their awesome colors..."ocean front."

  6. CC, I love linen, but this would be too much fuss for me.

    Slastena, the colour is gorgeous. I think it would look great on you.

    Thanks, rynetta! You are very welcome! And as always, you are too kind!

    Sarah, that's hilarious. I just don't see myself starching anything. :D

    gigi, I doubt I would fit into a size 0, and I doubt I'd ever cross over. Yes, the dress and its colour is very pretty. I wish they had a navy to try on. I love the shape.

  7. Hi Rose,
    Love the Leopard Skirt on you... looks terrific. I don't much care for the Capris...too bulky. Also, the Peacock Paisley top is really nice. I'm not a fan of linen skirts/dresses...don't like 'where' they wrinkle. Thanks for the great post.

  8. I love the style and color of that dress on you, very flattering, but the linen would be a deal breaker for me. I also think that you looked great in the skirt and the capris, but I don't think the capris are my style either. Great reviews as always Rose, THANK YOU!!

  9. Thank you, Irene, and thanks for visiting!

    Thanks very much MB! Glad I could help. :)


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