Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Madewell - February (I)

I apologize in advance for the quality of the pics. The MW dressing room is not the best for lighting when it comes to photos. The Studio Sweaterdress is from the previous rollout, but at the time I took the photo it wasn't even posted on the website. It's a nice and thick cotton, but the V is very low cut. The back has 4 cute buttons. The Film Noir Pumps I blogged about here before. They are on sale right now, if you are interested.

I didn't expect much from the Rouge Dot Skirt mainly because it's not a flattering style for me usually, but I was surprised. It's still longer than I would want it.The Silk Lightveil Shirt (S, 'ink') is very pretty but also very sheer, so I would wear this with a cami underneath. The shoes are the Leopard Print Sidewalk Skimmers I also blogged about the back in December.

Rouge Dot Skirt (more polka dot skirts here, here, here, here)

The Block Stripe Hoodie in size S & 'seagrass' was the first item I grabbed to try on. And then I realized I was swimming in it, and tried the XS ('sunset koi,' second photo), which fitted much better. This hoodie is well made of thick cotton and is on my wishlist.

Block Stripe Hoodie (size XS)(similar here, here, here) 

The Flowerlace Top is still regular price in the store, but you will be able to get the website sale price if you ask the SA (nicely). I am wearing size XS. I may have gone for an S for a looser fit, but there were none left. Both XS and S sizes are sold out online. Your best bet is to call a store and ask them to send you one. I LOVED this top, and hope to post an OOTD with it soon, or as soon as I get the jewelry I asked the SA to send/order for me. This is the second time I have had a very good experience with Madewell staff (from 2 different stores).
Flowerlace Top (similar here)

The SA was wearing this combo around her neck, and both CC of One Too Many Closets and I admired it a lot:
Also spotted in the store:


Mini Mailbag
 Leather Transport Tote (only red available on the website)

I am also loving from their full priced section:

Long-Sleeve Indigo Ink Tee
(IRL photo here)
Rail Straight Jeans in Madewell Wash 
(IRL photo here)
Striped Transmission Tee
(IRL photo here)
Silk Gatehouse Shirt
(IRL photo here)
Striped outfield sweater
(cotton/slub wool)(IRL photos here)
Outfield sweater
(cotton/slub wool)
Something else by Natalie Wood ribbed panel dress
Something else by Natalie Wood rainbow scale shift dress
(love this!)
Offmap utility jacket
(all cotton)
Spotted pictureshow tee
Digby & Iona crown crest medallion necklace
Jazz age bracelet

So many likes, so little time! Hope some of these hit sale before they sell out completely at full price.


  1. Darn it! If I knew that striped hoodie was running big I would have grabbed the small to try on! But now I know...Small would work on me.

    The jewelry and the shoes! Those flats are so cute. Wants...

  2. I think we should collaborate before we leave the store next time. :D

  3. Oh a buff pink clutch is exactly what my wardrobe needs. I like the simplicity of that one too.

  4. IKWYM about the lighting in Madewell dressing rooms. It needs to be brighter. I reviewed the studio dress as well and it looks a lot darker in your photos that it is IRL, at least the one I bought. The V-neck isn't as low either. I wonder if there is an issue with product consistency on this item. It's a great dress, I love it.

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  6. T., it's very simple and the leather is good, but it's not very nicely finished, IMO.

    xoxo, I always have to step out to see myself. The colour of the dress is pretty close to what I see on the website ('true black'). The V-neck was pretty low on the one I tried, as you can tell from the photo. It could be inconsistency among sizes, probably.

    1. Ah OK, I have it in juniper berry and not black. The dress wasn't on the website yet, when I bought it in late January so thanks for mentioning that. I'm going to update my post with the link.

  7. Rose, great reviews. I must visit Madewell store soon- thank God there is one not too far from me. I have been more drawn to Madewell lately vs. JCrew, lol.

  8. Thanks for the reviews!

    Speaking of fitting rooms, I don't like the curtain in place of an actual door. The curtain didn't seem to want to stay closed tight the way it is in your pic's. A very uncomfortable feeling when footwear, purses and bustling customers are within four feet of the dressing room.

  9. Thanks, Slastena! This reminds me to check out the DC area ones when I come visit next month! :)

    JustVisiting, I know what you mean. The curtain wouldn't close completely there either. It's annoying.

  10. I love that polka dot skirt. Really, really cute!


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