Monday, February 6, 2012

J. Crew - February (II)

Here are a fee more reviews of what I recently tried on at JC. The Stripe Taffeta Mini size 4 reminds me of the Gimlet Skirt In Coaster Stripe I blogged about here, but this is so much nicer! Still, it's short on me at 5'6". The Tippi Sweater is size S and 'succulent green.' I blogged about the Tippi Sweater in various colours on several occasions before (here, here, here and here).

Tippi Sweater (similar here, here, here & a cardi here)
Stripe Taffeta Mini (similar here, here, here, here)

Next was the Lillian Dress in Watercolor Floral, size 4. The fit was as I expected (I normally size up in dresses), and the fabric is beautiful (wool/silk blend). The fabric has some pink in it which is not quite visible in this photo.

Lillian Dress in Watercolor Floral (more floral dresses here, here or here

The Confetti Tweed Blazer size 4 fits like all the cropped jackets I saw at JC in 2010 and 2011, such as the Honey Tweed Blazer and the Verona Jacket. The fabric is a gorgeous colour and feels lovely to the touch. The buttons look a bit cheap, though. Luckily they can be changed easily.

Pintuck Lace Shell (sz XS)(similar here, here, here)

I have a few more photos from JC, the Crewlet, as well as Madewell coming up this week, hopefully!

I see JC is offering 20% off tees and knits through Friday, no code required. Not what we expected, but we'll take anything we can get. :)

Thank you for reading and have a lovely Tuesday, all!


  1. It doesn't even look like it's all tees and knits though, which is just plain annoying!

    Love the colour of that Tippi- would look pretty with the skirt form of the watercolour floral!

  2. I really love that sweater colour-- seems like mint is going to be big this spring.

  3. Love the stripe taffeta mini! I'm sure it's not long enough for me, but it sure is pretty.
    Thanks for the reviews, and thanks for the Moody Blues, too. I haven't heard them in ages. So much music out there, I can't remember it all. I'm just rediscovering oldie-but-goodies from the oh so long ago nineties. ;)

  4. I agree, the taffeta mini is nicer than the gimlet skirt. I'm intrigued by the tweed jacket but keep waffling on whether or not to try it. Is that black sleeve lining sticking out? Seems a bit funny. And do I see the rugby stripe dress in the background? Hoping it is and that you will post a review soon. Love to hear your thoughts on it.

  5. thatdamngreendress, I noticed that too. It's annoying.

    Yes, Jyoti! Seems to be all over the place this spring.

    JustVisting, thanks for... visiting! :) It's a pretty skirt, but not for me.

    xoxo, yes, it's so much nicer. The lining may be sticking out because it had an anti-theft device through the sleeve, but no, it's not sticking out really. If you look at my other sleeve, you can see it doesn't stick out (that's my watch in the dark colour). I tried the XXS in the dress because I couldn't see anything but L and XL and knew they were too big. For some reason I can't find the photo. Come to think of it, I don't even know if I took one. But fear not, on Sunday I am heading to Utah and will make sure I try it again in a store there. :)

    1. Thanks Rose, I'll watch for your review. It's not on sale with the current promo or I'd just buy it to try it but I'd much rather see it on you first.

  6. I think the Lillian Dress looks crazy good on you.

    My BB flaked out a few times during the day and I lost a couple photos...phooey.

    Thanks for sharing your reviews!

  7. Thanks, CC! I liked it too, but not sure it's enough to get an entire dress in that print. Aha, so let's blame it on the BB then... good plan! :D


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