Saturday, February 18, 2012

Anthro Reviews - Mid-February

Last week I also managed to make my way to the Anthro store. I like how much bigger the Anthro stores in the US are compared to the one at home, and that one's not that tiny either.

Previous versions of the Pieced Column Dress can be seen here and here, and a skirt here. Size S is quite fitted, so I prefer size M, which also adds a bit of length.

Pieced Column Dress (size M)(similar here, here, here)

Next was a Missoni-like cardigan by Tabitha called Highlighted Frequencies Cardigan size S. I love colour, and this one has plenty of it.   

Another lively coloured cardigan (also size S) was the Forever Hooked Cardigan. It's named so because it has buttons all around the neckline. Love the 100% natural fiber yarn used. I would prefer the navy in this. 

The Otsego Blouse size 2. Nice embroidery, but really sheer. You can't quite tell because I am wearing a nude bra, but I wouldn't dare this without a cami underneath.

Lastly, the lovely print of the Flora Throwback Top size S. It's a pretty cotton fabric, but the top is quite  high-waisted for me.

Other things I'm liking in Anthro right now:

Have yo been to Anthro lately? Please share.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!


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  2. aw, that's too bad about the flora throwback top- it had a lot of potential with that print and cute shape. I like the Missoni-esque cardigan though!

  3. thatdamngreendress, it's a very pretty print, but I won't feel comfortable in it, I just know it.


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