Thursday, January 19, 2012

Madewell New Arrivals - January

Since I posted about Madewell sale items, I thought I'd have a look at their new arrivals as well. I am hoping to get to a store this week and post some IRL photos.

First I loved the look of this Silk Gatehouse Shirt. It's the kind of pattern you would expect in a cotton shirt, so this is a nice surprise. It also comes in white/black.

Next is the Long-Sleeve Indigo Ink Tee. It's a nice casual slub cotton piece.

Almost every retailer has some kind of dotted top, skirt or dress right now, and so does Madewell in the Dotted Songbird Dress.

The Stripecast Cardigan reminds me of the Colorblocked Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee in cerise from J. Crew. The colours are a lighter version of the cerise stripes.

Saltspring Sweater-Top is an all cotton pullover, with an interesting honeycomb pattern. I would wear this over a tank or a summer dress.

[blanknyc®] Skinny Jeans have a Genius Jeans Guarantee: "free shipping and free returns, all the time." With a deal like this, I would be willing to give them a try.

Other New Arrivals picks:


  1. Cute things! My store said new arrivals will be there next week, so I'll have to go in then and try some stuff on. I actually did just pick up the Flutterfall Skirt, which was $40 in store.

  2. Can you believe I have yet to make a purchase from Madewell? What am I waiting for - these items are so pretty!

  3. shopwithm, good score on that skirt! I found great deals on the lamppost dress and the sweaterknit hoodie I blogged about earlier too! Can't wait to try more things on!

    Lisa, you will love their quality, I'm certain.

    thatdamngreendress, I agree.


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