Friday, January 13, 2012

Anthro New Arrivals - January

I went to the local Anthro to visit with my skirt, hoping I would still find one in my size lost on the sale rack. Sadly, it wasn't meant to be, so I took the opportunity to look at some of the new items, such as this beautiful Ombre Petals Pencil Skirt. I am wearing size 4 and it is a snug fit. I vary between size 2-4 in Anthro skirts. I really love it, but it is way shorter than I expected it to be.
Ombre Petals Pencil Skirt (another ombre skirt here)

 Next I tried on the Slouched Sailor Blouse size S and ivory, and it was huge, even though it wasn't supposed to be fitted. I would definitely size down in this one.
Slouched Sailor Blouse (similar here, here or here)

Next is the Hourglass Form Dress. I am wearing size 4, which is about the rigth size in Anthro dresses for me. It's a beautiful dress, but then I looked at the label. Polyester?  It doesn't feel like it is, but for $168, I'd expect at least cotton.
Hourglass Form Dress (similar here or here)

Next was the Brushed Terra Dress size S. This one is a cotton/nylon/spandex mix, with a rayon lining. It's a pretty lace, and would consider it on sale only.

Next I tried on a couple of tops. The first one is the Bits Of Jubilee Boatneck. I am wearing size S. The cap sleeves are a bit stiff because of all the ribbons sewn onto them and don't look that great in my opinion.

Bits Of Jubilee Boatneck (similar here, here or here)

Lastly, the Constant Salutation Top also size S. It's very fitted and made of 2 panels in the front and 2 in the back. Not sure it was the design idea or just to save on costs. The back is also quite low cut, and there is ruching on the sides.
Constant Salutation Top

I also noticed the local store is carrying more scarves than before. I wish they would carry more belts as well. I find the Anthro belts really versatile. Maybe I'll suggest that to the manager.

Other 'likes' from the new arrivals section:
Have you been to Anthro lately? How do you like it? All the Christmas decorations are discounted by 75%. I saw some nice pieces there late last year (read here).

Have a great end of the week, everyone!


  1. Oh my, that sailor top is so incredibly oversized! I guess I should be thankful there isn't much calling to me right now...

  2. I went to Anthro this week and was very underwhelmed, left with my gift card in tact. The store was also very empty. I wonder when spring shipments are arriving.

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  4. I love the blue dress!

    Lindsey Turner

  5. Thank you for showing these off. I was interested in the skirt, but no more. Too short, sigh.

    But the terra dress, yes, please. Looks wonderful and on sale would be a wonderful deal.

  6. thatdamngreendress, it is huge. I am glad there is nothing thatI really want right now either, other than the egg holder.

    dinster, I agree. The store was quite bare in comparison to how it was before the holidays.

    Lindsey, it has a great shape.

    dina, that was the nicest thing in this rollout, and was sorry to see how short it was (and I am shorter than you).


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