Tuesday, December 13, 2011

J. Crew Harvest Tweed Pencil Skirt OOTD

Finally, I managed to take a photo of an OOTD with the Harvest Tweed Pencil Skirt I received a while ago. See it paired with the Heart Me Sweater here before. I like the colours in this skirt quite a bit. The violet thread throughout is a perfect match to a violet Jackie cardigan I got on a super sale from the outlet store. The Factory Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirt in cobblestone would also go nicely with it too. 

J. Crew Harvest Tweed Pencil Skirt

J. Crew Dream Zip Cardigan (similar colour here)(similar here or here or here)
J. Crew Tights (similar here - choose heather acorn)
J. Crew Marissa Crystal Cuff (similar here or here)
J. Crew Martine Booties (similar on sale here or here)

Other great matches for this skirt would be:
Thanks again for dropping by and have a great Tuesday, everyone!


  1. The tweed has some really nice colors, I imagine it's quite versatile once you start pairing it up. I like the choice of neutral hose with the suede booties, very streamlined look.

  2. Didn't realize this skirt had threads of lavender running through it...that is so pretty! Great outfit. It's a beautiful skirt.

  3. I LOVE this outfit, as well as the other styling options you've listed! Super cute!

  4. xoxo: yes, my photo of the fabric is closer to real life than the close-up I see on JC's site. It has quite a few colours through it.

    Thanks, Jess!

    Thank you, AppGal! I was pleasantly surprised to see so many great colours in it.

    rynetta PhD, thanks very much!

  5. Great colours in that skirt, I was about to ask about the tights but you've listed them ta!


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