Sunday, December 18, 2011

Anthropologie - Mid-December

The funnest piece I saw today was the Crisscross Sweatercoat size S, my usual size in sweaters. Also for reference, I am usually 5'6", but 5'9" or 6' most days. It's soft and I didn't want to take it off. I wish our weather was more conducive to wearing sweatercoats. I've seen so many in Anthro already that I would just love to wear. This piece doesn't look like much on the website photo, but it's very pretty in real life, and it looks quite good with a pair skinny jeans. I am wearing J. Crew's Matchsticks from last year. See this year's model here.


Another sweatercoat is the Braided Toggle Sweatercoat, also size S. Would also look good with a pair of skinny jeans, more so than with a skirt, in my opinion.


Same idea as the Layered Column Dress (see it on me here), but in lace is the Lolabelle Dress. It's nylon and spandex with a rayon spandex lining. It shows curves, but the lace tiers offer good coverage where needed. It would be a fun party dress.

Lolabelle Dress (more lace tiers dresses here, here or here)

The next dress is the Triptych Panel Dress size S again.  It's poly/cotton, modal and it's lined. No way you could wear this without the lining, it's that sheer. There was also a huge hole in the left sleeve which I pointed to the SA. I guess it snags easily.


The last dress in this post is the Jolee Sweaterdress size S. This one is sheer as well and doesn't come with a lining.


The Iced Garland Cowlneck size S. I found the garland cowlneck overwhelming. It will make anyone look top heavy, in my opinion.


This is an older photo which I didn't get to post earlier. I am trying on the Bellevue Sweater Skirt size S. It feels like it is going to slide down at any moment, but any smaller would have been too tight. The top is the Michelia Peasant Blouse seen here before.


The Anthro store was again buzzing with people today. I am assuming it is because the sale items are still 30% off.  I am still waiting for this to go on sale.

Thanks for visiting, and have a lovely Sunday, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the reviews! The crisscross sweater looks beautiful on you- I was scared off by the negative reviews online (oh, and that such things look like a bathrobe on me...). Do you think the Bellevue skirt could work belted? I like that it seems slightly more a-line than similar skirts have been, and the price is pretty reasonable- the main criticism seems to be the loose waist!

  2. Good, good morning! Thanks, as always, for your great reviews! You've been given a blog award. Check out my post!

  3. thadamngreendress, I loved the crisscross sweatercoat. I am sure the skirt can be belted, or some kind of wide band sewn on the inside if you would really like to get it. It would be more work, but then you would enjoy a nice skirt.

    Thank you, egyptomaniac! I am honoured!

  4. I never even noticed the lolabelle dress before but you are rockin' it! I love the shape on you!

  5. I LOVE the Lolabelle Dress on you! I never noticed it online before but it is a beauty!

  6. Lisa, Jenn, thank you so much! I have to admit that the website throws me off quite often. It's good that we have a store now to go see items IRL.


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