Monday, November 21, 2011

Twinkle Little Star

When Anjolee asked me if I would like to feature their jewelry on my blog, I went to their website to take a peek first. I knew from ABC of A Bigger Closet, who had featured a diamond pendant with amethyst before, that their diamond jewelry is absolutely beautiful.

Their diamond pendants are highly customizable. You can choose your own metal setting (white or yellow gold or platinum), stone carat weight, type of stone and chain length. 

Since I am more of a simple gal when it comes to jewelry, I chose a single citrine stone set in white gold to show you. I am wearing it to dress up a casual white tee and it goes perfectly with my Honey Tweed blazer from J. Crew I got last year. This particular necklace is made of white gold, with a chain 18" in length and a citrine stone 5 mm in diameter.


If you wanted to make more of a statement, their diamond tennis necklaces are also customizable by metal type, carat weight, diamond clarity and strand length, and are breathtaking. If I were in the market for diamond jewelry, this is the type of store I would be checking out, knowing that their products are backed by their 30-day warranty if the quality doesn't meet your standards.


  1. Ah I've always thought that citrine was such a beautiful stone, the simplicity of this is so elegant.

  2. The necklace is so pretty Rose! I really like the white gold and citrine combination you chose.

  3. Nice pick! I love white metals. The necklace really enhances the outfit.

  4. T., ABC, CC: thank you very much! A yellow stone seems so cheerful to me!


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