Sunday, November 13, 2011

J. Crew Holiday Collection

Good news is that the catalog is back on the website for our viewing pleasure. I noted a few lovely holiday items in this latest catalog. Among them, the Perfect Shirt With French Cuffs. A white shirt is an item that everyone should have in their closet. Mine has gotten so much wear, it will be time to replace it soon.

Perfect Shirt With French Cuffs (similar here, here or here)

Everyone seems to like the new kitty print called 'wildcat' in this roll-out. While I am not big on animal print, I admire it on others. This sweater is 14 gauge merino wool.

Jenna's Cardigan In Wildcat (similar here, here, here or here)

The Jules Dress is also done in the same pattern. See it on audreybella here.

Winter Floral Cardigan reminds me of a cardi I had many years ago. I guess the trend returned. It's also done in 14 gauge merino wool.

Winter Floral Cardigan  (similar here)

It's not really the season, but I fell for the colour of this silk Lydia Blouse. It is called estate orchid. 

Lydia Blouse (similar here or here)

The Clea Dress has already gotten lots of love in blogland and I felt the same way about it. A wool flannel dress that promises to be a workhorse in my wardrobe? Yes, please. With the 25% discount offer that just ended, this dress became affordable. I chose the 'heather charcoal' version, and hopefully it will fit similarly to the Origami Dress I blogged about here before.

Clea Dress (similar here, here or here)

Cashmere gloves in 8 beautiful colours ('ornament orange' shown):

Cashmere Gloves (similar here or here)

Or for those days when one needs to dress up, the Cashmere-lined Leather Gloves. These also come in 6 gorgeous colours to complement almost any outfit or bag out there. See xoxo's post about these gloves here.

Finally, I am beginning to warm up to the Biennial Satchel in red. This is not a new item, but it is part of the collection catalog. I will have to see how it feels and hope and that it doesn't give me that 'gym bag' vibe, or it's going back. Last year I got the Rhodie Satchel in olive moss on clearance, and that bag has a similar structure (3 separate compartments). While am more used to a hobo or a tote style, I hope the larger size Biennial will be more versatile than the Rhodie. I blogged about the black Rhodie here before.

Biennial Satchel (more red satchels here, here or here)

I think I'm done (for now). Do you have any preferred items from this collection?

 Hope you have a lovely weekend!


  1. I'd love the gloves in fuchsia leather, the patriot scarf and that white shirt, my only white shirt is from Gap and is a bit ratty now but I'm penniless till the end of January unless I can chat up Santa!

  2. I love the Carriage Coat Dress but it is not practical for my climate. I also thought that the white shirt looks like a nice one with those cuffs.

    I am also trying the Clea dress but in the dark green! Ordered that one along with the flannel chinos and the navy puffer.
    I have a huge box of returns for JC right now, I hope these pieces aren't going to be chucked in there too.

  3. Super cute picks! The Clea dress is lovely. Now, I'm off to look at the Biennial Satchel!!!

  4. I would love the Jules Dress if it were a sweater dress in Merino, not sure about the rayon. I also love the cut of the Jenna Cardigan, so maybe I'll get my Wildcat that way.

  5. T.: I am eyeing some red gloves too to go with the bag. I only have one white shirt too from Mexx.

    Dani: I would have ordered the green dress too, for a bit more colour in my wardrobe, but on my monitor it is hard to say if it is a really dark green (which doesn't look good at all on me), or more of a turquoise, which would be ok. So I decided to stick with the basic grey. I'd love to see the green IRL.

    Thanks, rynetta! Happy viewing. Be careful, though... it has hypnotic qualities. :D

    Sue: I agree... why rayon, at this time of the year? Yes, the cardi is a nice alternative for a kitty fix. :)

  6. Purrrrr. This is the first year where I've seriously considered wearing a cat print, just on an accessory though. I'm not brave enough to wear a cardi, let alone a dress. I really love the idea of a kitty print on a shoe, or bag, or scarf. Lots of options this year.

    This weekend I found myself checking out accessories in colours and prints. So many lovelies out there. Great picks! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi CC! I wanted only ONE scarf and couldn't get it, so I guess I am not supposed to wear kitty stuff. Hope you find something that appeals to you. Thank you!

  8. I'm very curious to see what you think of the Biennial. I have it in red & can't decide. I love everything about it and am usually confident about large bags. However, I wonder if this one is pushing it on my 5'2" frame. 25% was a great price to me, so it may be a keeper. I have less than 30 days to decide. *lol*


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