Thursday, November 3, 2011

Goat Suede

While perusing the pants sale section at JC, I came across this: 

J. Crew Goat Suede Slouch Pants

And of course upon searching further I found out that JC is not the only retailer who went the goat route. It seems it's catching on. I found these at Ralph Lauren:

Ralph Lauren Black Label Suede Whitner Pant

Or these at Michael Kors:

Michael Kors Low Rise Skinny Trousers

Or if you prefer a jacket, True Religion has one:

True Religion Suede Shirt Jacket

And if you want your suede with fur still attached, here's one from Valentino:

 Or a bag to go with it all:

And this was my fun for the day.

Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I'm giggling here, I hope you ate some goat cheese too!

  2. Oh that jacket! Truly perfect for some trampy boho look. LOL

    I like suede but not in pants or skirts. I wouldn't wear a leather skirt either. Around here it's considered Western wear.

    Fun post.

  3. I am wondering whether goat suede is more conducive to sewing slouchy big-crotch pants with, or is that just a big, kind of weird, coincidence? ;o)

  4. T., I grew up on goat cheese and love it! I was just surprised to see it in the description.

    Sue: OK. :)

    xoxo: some 5 inch heels should complete the hooker look. I gave away leather and suede pants a long time ago.

    Lisa, makes you wonder, doesn't it? Must be a very thin material, I guess.

  5. Love the RL outfit. But could I bring myself to wear goat? My parents used to have one - she was such a darling. I couldn't touch goats cheese until several years after she died, though... the smell...

  6. "if you still want your fur attached..." that was a good one!

    I will stand up and say I like the JC pants. But then again I like all slouchy, comfy pants. I can't imagine owning them. Where would I wear them? I'd be paranoid about soiling them. I would love to see the people who buy these items.

  7. soiling comment did NOT come out right. I meant I'd be paranoid about getting outside dirt on them. You kwim....

  8. LOL at Gigi's comment. I had a suede shirt that I "thrifted" from my mom's closet eons ago. I grew out of it (size and taste) after a few years. Don't think I'd ever go back there, nor would I want to see anyone in it... so 80s...

  9. the taupe, same here. I grew up on goat's milk and grandma had kids I used to feed and play with. I could never eat goat meat, I know that. Just like I could never eat veal. I have a friend with a dairy farm and when I go there I feed the calves and play with them. There's nothing cuter than a jersey calf!

    gigi, I am all for comfy pants, and those look a lot like the silk/linen ones from last year, except for the fabric. LOL I know what you meant by 'soiling.'

    CC, yes, very 80s. I had a complete outfit -- jacket and pants made of navy suede, and then a pair of steel blue and another pair of brown leather pants. Those were the times. :)


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