Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday At J. Crew

J. Crew is surprising us again with another 25% off sale and free shipping on Cyber Monday. Use code SURPRISE at checkout. I figured some of the photos I took this weekend might come in handy for those trying to decide on some purchases.  First, much talk on the blogs has been about the new kitty print called 'wildcat.' I found only two items in this print in the stores. The first one is the Scoopneck Blouse in Wildcat. I am wearing size 2, the usual size in tops at JC. It's a so-so top. For that money I can get a beautiful silk blouse instead. The lighting in the fitting room was pretty bad, so apologize in advance for the photos.

Next was the Jules Dress In Wildcat size 0. This is 2 dress sizes smaller than I usually take in most JC dresses. At my height, it is ridiculously short (5'6"). The two applied pockets cheapen the look even further, in my opinion. The shoes are the brick red Mona Pumps in half a size larger than I normally take.

 Mona Pumps (similar here, here or here)

Next were the Cafe Capris In Wool Check, size 2. I think I liked these even better than the ones I blogged about before. The colours are more versatile. The top is the Crochet Lace-Front Tee size S. It's nice and thin enough to use as a layering piece, but I have had a lace overdose this past summer so I am not considering it (yet). The pumps are the Mona Patent Pumps. They fit the same as the leather ones, in my opinion.
Mona Patent Pumps (similar here or here)

Since it's sweater season, here are a couple of them. The first one is the Chainlink Cable Sweater size S and marled sandstone colour. It's pure 100% merino wool but the shape makes this a pass for me. The skirt is the No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Royal Paisley I blogged about in the previous post.

Chainlink Cable Sweater (similar here or here and in stripe here)

Lastly for now, here is the Snowden Funnelneck Sweater Jacket size S. I like the idea of this, but the yarn is squeaky between my fingers due to the high synthetic fibre content. The sweater is very hard to button up, but if you plan on wearing it the same way the model is (see second pic), you won't need to worry about that. There is also a zipper to hold it in place better. It's dry-clean only, and expensive to boot. 


I have a few more photos, but for my next post.

Please also note the Madewell code for Cyber Monday to the right.

Have a great Monday, everyone!


  1. Rose, I think you look amazing in that dress, I think you could absolutely pull that off!

  2. Why are you tempting me with the Mona's!!! I love the look of them and think they would work so nicely in my closet, but I don't like that high price.
    I love the texture of the chain link sweater and really like the wildcat print top and skirt on you.

  3. Love the cafe capri wool check on you. I'm tempted to grab a few more items from J Crew today but thinking should I or shouldn't I?

  4. T., Seriously? You don't think it's too short? :)

    fshonmymind, I love the Monas too minus the price tag and the fit. Size 8 is too small, while 8 1/2 is too big on me.

    Small Town Gal, thanks! I liked them too. I'd say grab them before the dreaded final sale comes back. At least this way you can return them.

  5. I have the wildcat blouse and received a ton of compliments...I think it looks great on you but I agree with prior posts...that dress is fantastic! I wanted to love the heart me sweater but could not...:(

  6. Thanks, Shariyu! A blouse is all I could do, I think. Too bad you couldn't <3 the Heart Me sweater! :)


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