Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Banana Republic New Arrivals

This past weekend I ended up at BR while accompanying my friend who was spending the 'mall' gift card she received for her birthday. While these cards are great, because you can pick and choose between several retailers, they don't always seem to work properly. The card worked fine twice in Tommy Hilfiger, but it wouldn't work in BR. Back at Customer Service we went to check the card, and there it worked fine. So then we had to go back to BR and explain to the SA what to do in case we were getting the same error messages. She swiped it really gently this time, and ta-da! the card work fine this time. Miraculous, and so frustrating at the same time.

If you receive a gift card and an SA says it's not working or that it is down to a zero balance when you know it shouldn't be, hang on to the card and have it verified somewhere else. Don't just abandon it in the store. A lot of money is 'lost' or 'wasted' each year because of gift cards that are not completely used or simply forgotten somewhere. We are talking to the tune of billions of dollars. That's no chump change, in my opinion.

There are lots of gift card scams out there as well, so be proactive and protect yourself. I also found this site  quite informative regarding some gift card scams.

Off my soap box, and back to the clothes. I tried only a few new items. First it was the Knotted Mixed Media Dress size 4. I could barely zip the top part up at the back, while the skirt felt fine. Usually a size 4 fits me ok in the BR dresses. The skirt part reminded me of the texture of my JC Vintage Tweed Pencil, except it was darker and had some metallic thread through it.

Sweater Dress size S that is not on the website yet, but it is part of the Heritage collection. I wanted to try the grey one, but only large sizes were available. I wouldn't dare wear this as a dress, for it is too short on me at 5'6", but belted over my jeans would be OK.

Sweater Dress (similar here or here)

The belt is part of the Mad Men collection:

And lastly, the Heritage Foil Print Sweater  size S. It is supposed to be slouchy. It is almost as wide, if not more so, than tall. The gold one that I am wearing is not showing up on the website, but the number on the label is the same. It is also a lot more shiny than I could capture with my camera.

Heritage Foil Print Sweater (similar here or here and a cute cardi here)

Hope your week has started well!


  1. It did, my car passed its MOT - another year's grace!

  2. Haha, T.! That's good news. I don't have to get mine inspected since it's a hybrid. ;)

  3. Thanks for the reviews Rose. I really like the sweater dress worn belted over your jeans...very cute! How was the quality on the leopard belt? Do you like it better then the J.Crew version?

  4. Thanks, FFM! The upper part is nicely done, but the backing is PU. Not sure what the backing of the JC belt is made of.


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