Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anthro Ayaka & Current Crush

When my friend ABC asked me to try on the Ayaka Top at Anthro the other day, there wasn't one to be found at the downtown Seattle store. Back home, however, I found both an XS and an S. They were not on the floor, but the SA managed to find them in a back room. Size XS (pics 1 & 2) fitted better than size S (3rd pic). The sleeves were more than we expected to see, and I also didn't like the finish on the sleeve either (see bottom pic). We decided it's too expensive for what it is: a graphic T-shirt.

Ayaka Top (similar here, here or here)

As an alternative, I tried on this popover which Anthro calls Autumn Leaves Top, size XS, and which went on sale today:

November offerings are starting to trickle into the store, at least up here. When I first saw page 73 of the Anthro November catalog on Roxy's blog here, I had an instant crush on this outfit (sans the necklace).

Beaded Felt Pencil Skirt

I hope our local store gets this skirt so that I can at least try it on. For that price tag, is all I can do.

Beautiful Christmas decorations are also beginning to make their way into the store. I also discovered this Blithe And Bonny Grapefruit Candle and absolutely loved it. Usually I am not for strong smells, but this one has a soft, citrus scent that I love.

Do you have any current Anthro crushes?


  1. I love the scent of grapefruit in all things. I also love the skirt, but I'd be afraid to sit down in it!

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  3. Didn't make it to the store tonight but ended up at West for drinks and snacks ;)

  4. Me too, Sue! I know wha tyou mean -- it's a 'stand-up only' skirt. :)

    CC, you mean you didn't manage to cross the street? I was there earlier and got the Linea cardi and a great belt. Hope you had a nice time. The former Ouest (now West) chef once cooked me a bday dinner. :D

  5. I got a hold of the ruffled echelon (?) coat in turquoise. I hope I settled on the right size. Anthro ships quickly, so it should arrive before the weekend. I like that new sweater you shared. Very pretty.

  6. That beaded pencil skirt is so pretty! And that sweater looks really pretty with it.

  7. gigi, I think it's the Frilled Echelon coat. I believe CC has tried on. I loved the combo sweater/skirt a lot!

    I agree, Jessica... I'm drooling. :D

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