Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Talbots -- Early October

Earlier today I went to check out the Double-Faced Wool Wrap Coat again. Definitely the 'chinchilla' colour they are offering in the store doesn't quite suit me. I would much rather have the 'shadow heather' instead, colour which is only available online. As I mentioned before, the fabric seems to be of very good quality. This is size S regular, which I have not been able to try on before. It seems big. Size XS would be better, however, that size is only available in Petites. The XSP is also a bit shorter.

While in the store, I also noticed a couple of new arrivals. The majority of the store, however, looked again like grandma's closet.

The Leopard Jacquard Coat was new. I tried on a size 4, which felt huge. Usually I size up in outerwear because of my wider shoulders, but even this one was too big.

And underneath the coat on the display was the Ruched Shoulder Dress in black and size 4. That seems to be my normal size in Talbots dresses. It's nice and comfortable, although I would wear this in the spring/summer, most likely.

The only other interesting skirt was the Leopard Velveteen Pencil Skirt, size 4P. There is no size 2 in the store, so I know the 4P fits similarly, except it is a bit shorter than the 2. It's hard to believe this thick skirt is all cotton. Love the feel of it.

Leopard Velveteen Pencil Skirt (animal print skirts here, here or here)

Other items that seemed nice were the Chalet Cardi and a few Classic Cashmere Sweaters, but I didn't have time to try them on. The cashmere sweaters seem pretty reasonably priced. Unfortunately I have no experience with the Talbots cashmere, so I cannot comment on the pilling factor. 

While in the store, the SA handed me 2 coupons: one is for 30% off a full priced item on October 20, and another one is for 40% off a full priced item on October 22. These offers will also be available online, so if you can wait until then, you may be able to get something you have been coveting at a very good price. Sign up to get the special offers by e-mail or drop by your local store to get the coupons.

Have a great middle of the week, everyone!


  1. I think they're all lovely, I really like both coats and even though I don't like leopard print, the skirt is fairly subtle and a good workable neutral.

  2. I really love double faced wool, but I haven't found it in style that suits me, I'm too short for all the wrapped fabric. They had Talbot's cashmere sweaters earlier this fall at Marshall's for (no kidding) $7.99. I bought as many as I could carry. Some for gifts, but the ones I've worn seem pretty good.
    I laughed when you said the store looked like grandma's closet.

  3. I'm not feeling the Talbot's line. It seemed like they were trying to appeal to a younger customer but now have switched back to attract their former, more mature base. Their financials haven't been great so perhaps the strategy didn't work out.

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  5. T.: the skirt was a surprise for me too, even though I am not into animal prints either.

    Sue: the petite XS would fit you nicely. I blogged about the petite version earlier and it is a bit short on me.

    xoxo: that's what my thought was too. They should have hired a younger model/actress if they wanted to attract the younger customers. JMO

  6. The wool wrap coat and the ruched shoulder dress look great on you!


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