Saturday, October 8, 2011

More Anthro Reviews (I)

It seems I am more often in the area where Anthro is located these days, so of course I have to drop in there for a visit. 

The first item I tried on was the Scully Pencil Skirt size S. It is made from the same fabric and has the same construction as the Layered Column Dress I blogged about here. The skirt in size S felt looser on me than the dress in the same size, so I never tried the skirt in size M, even though I took it inside the dressing room with me. The sweater is new (at least to me). It is called Alabaster Tassels Sweater, size S as well. The pattern created rather huge holes, so be aware of that if ordering online. The sweater has some angora in it, which makes it nice and soft. I didn't want to take it off.

Scully Pencil Skirt (dress in identical pattern here)

Another pretty sweater dress, this one called Cabled Heavens Dress, size S. I tried it on with 2 different belts, and it looks better with a wide belt such as the Clasp Construction Belt here.  Another pretty sweater dress I have on my wishlist is the Multiburst Sweater Dress, which I have also blogged about here before. The back of the Cabled Heavens Dress is slightly longer than the front, which is a bit visible from the second photo.

Since I am on a sweater/sweaterdress roll, here's the Pointelle Variations Sweaterdress, size S. I wouldn't go as far as calling it a dress. It fits more like a tunic on me. For reference, I am 5'6". This one is made of wool and linen, and comes also in black. The pattern is beautiful, but also created some large holes, which make my dark undergarments visible.

Finally, a sweater which I was curious to try on because of the nice, mohair yarn used in it: the Floating Chrysalis Cowlneck, size S. I had a hard time getting it on. It is more of a cape, than a sweater.

I am still getting a kick out of the names Anthro uses for their products. The nice thing I found was that the SA's in the stores know what you are talking about when you call an item by its name.

Happy Thanksgiving to all the Canadian readers! And to all the American friends, happy Columbus Day! Hope you are all having a great weekend!


  1. Love that striped skirt. I bet that was totally a piece that looked like nothing special on the hanger, but looked amazing as soon as you put it on.

  2. ha- I love the striped skirt with the cute fuzzy sweaters! I like that they're offering options on the column dress, but I guess I think the dress is still the best option!

  3. The striped skirt is really nice but I think the Layered Column dress has more visual 'pow', if that makes any sense. I have not visited Anthro in ages but it looks like they have some interesting pieces this fall. Happy Thanksgiving!!

  4. Love sweater season! Great picks. I eyeballed the cowlneck on the dot com but thought that it'd be too snagariffic, I didn't even look for it in the store. What did you think of it? I thought it'd be cute with jeans, but that's about it. And what coat would you wear over it? the sleeves on it would be pushed up...real life logistics...dammit...

  5. Melanie, thatdamngreendress & Louise: I agree, the skirt ids great, but it's true that the dress could be worn both as a skirt and as a dress, so it is more versatile (also more expensive).

    CC: this is not the cowlneck I would buy since it is some pretty large gauge. Look for the cowlneck in my next post. THAT, I would get. It's gorgeous!


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