Friday, October 14, 2011

More Anthro Reviews (III)

Tuesday's Anthro sale attracted me back to the store like a moth to a flame. I got wind from Roxy's Effortless Anthropologie blog that the Love Letters Shams and Duvet Covers were on sale. Since I will be moving soon to a new home, I figured these would be perfect for the new place. The duvet covers seem to be completely sold out online, but the sheets are still on at full price. I already have different sheets to go with the shams and the duvet covers, so I am done shopping for the bedroom, except for a couple of nice pillows. I will know which ones when I see them.

As promised, I tried the Harrington Cowlneck on again, this time attempting to wear a coat over it. I blogged about this sweater here before. As expected, it doesn't work. It is more of a fall/spring sweater and it's meant to be worn over a tee or a top, but not underneath anything.


The coat I am attempting to wear is the Sungazer Embroidered Coat, size 2. This coat was originally $598 CDN, and now it's on sale for less than half price at $249.95. Still pricey, but it's all the embroidery that's costing so much, I am guessing.

While taking a quick tour of the upstairs (read stalking some lingerie), I also noticed the Firelight Skirt in bright red. It's a thicker winter skirt made of viscose/wool. I am wearing size 2. This skirt is perfection, in my opinion, and will be watching for it when it goes on sale).

 Firelight Skirt (similar here )

The following cardigan was also new (at least to me). It is the Striped-Stitched Cardigan in navy and size XS. I am usually a size S in cardigans and sweaters, so size down in this one. It looked much better belted with the Stitched Perimeter Belt size M. This belt fits small, so size up in it. I loved this belt!


That's about it for now. I am still stalking some kitchen ware in Anthro.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Ooooh, the red skirt! And Anthro bed linens are so tempting. Good luck with your move.

  2. That red skirt looks amazing!!! I haven't really looked at Anthro's housewares very much - are the linens good quality?

  3. Sue: it is beautiful, and so are the bed linens! Thank you... in a couple of months, hopefully.

    Louise: I am repeating myself, but it is a beautiful skirt! Yes, the linens (& towels I got a couple of weeks ago also on sale) are very good quality.


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