Monday, October 10, 2011

More Anthro Reviews (II)

I have finally got around to the rest of the Anthro photos. First, my most favourite piece from this post, the Harrington Cowlneck, size S and of course, pink. It's REALLY soft, due to its cashmere construction. I have no experience with the Anthro cashmere, so I cannot comment on how it would hold up to pilling. The pants are Elevenses Consonant Wide-Legs, size 2 and grey colour. The pants are quite long, so they would need some high heels to fit properly. This is something I love, because most of the time regular length pants are too short for heels, while tall length pants are a bit too long. Both items fit TTS for me.

Harrington Cowlneck (more cowlnecks here or here)

Next,  a very feminine top called Dantela Corset Top, size 4, black lace. I sized up in this one, since I have broader shoulders, but if you don't have my problem, stick with your regular size. I was intrigued by the back of this top. I forgot how many takes I had before I was able to snap the second photo. Taking photos of my backside is not something I do every day. The skirt is one I noticed before, but never tried it on: the Gamay Sweater Skirt. This is one of the several knit skirts I like this season. It has two applied pockets on the front, and a nice button closure detail on one side. Size S fits too large on me, so I would probably size down in this one.


Another new pencil skirt is the Cargo Pocket Sweater Skirt size S. Its colour is navy and it has flap pockets that make it a bit more fun. 

Next I moved on to a couple of dresses. The first dress is the Straight & Narrow Sweater Dress, size XS and dark orange colour. This is a thinner sweater dress than the Cabled Heavens one I blogged about in my previous post.  It's also longer than the Cabled Heavens dress, and looked best worn with a belt.

Similar belts here or here

The second dress is Fractal Medallion Maxi Dress, made of poly fabric, and it's more of a vacation  dress. It didn't look good with a belt on because of the positioning of the square pattern. It's fun, but VERY long. I am on my toes to avoid sweeping the floors with it. For reference, I am 5'6".

I am hoping to get to Anthro after Tuesday when more arrivals will be in. 

Hope your week is off to a good start!


  1. That cowlneck looks great, but how do you wear a coat over it? And the Cargo Pocket Sweater Skirt looks very familiar -- I think I have a mustard color one from last year. The Fractal Medallion Maxi Dress is a favorite of mine, I will post my review soon. It's definitely a 'me' dress, or at least the 'me' that I would like to be: living somewhere exotic doing artsy fartsy things! Thank you for the reviews!

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  3. I like the cowlneck sweater so comfy and warm! I cannot believe how long the fractal medallion dress is. I am not too sure about these long dresses I need to go to the B&M store and try them on!

  4. I'm with dinster, the cowlneck looks GREAT on you (and it's YOUR colour too) but living in the PNW you'll need a rain coat for sure ;)

  5. I LOVE that cowlneck! It looks great on you.

  6. dinster: I agree that it's great, AND you cannot wear a coat over it. Today I went to the store to pick up the Love Letter Duvet Cover/Shams and I put on the cowlneck again, trying to get a coat over it. It was an impossible feat. Pics later.

    tricithomas: yes, it's a long one, but I am sure it can be shortened a bit. There are others even longer that I haven't tried on yet.

    CC: thanks! Can you tell I am a SUCKER for that colour? :D Definitely cannot wear this outside in the rain.

    Jess: thank you very much.

  7. the first look is my favorite. i'm so obsessed with cowl necks this far. this post is perfection. thanks for sharing, love. I've got a new outfit post featuring my favorite Lauren Conrad skirt. Love to hear what you think. xo
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