Monday, October 17, 2011

J. Crew Mid-October (II)

Since it's sweater season, here's the Bateau Button Sweater in navy, size XS. This is one size smaller than last year's sweaters for me. It's nicely done, from a cotton/wool mix 80/20, and for a more fitted look I would size down even more. The bright persimmon and jazzy purple are reduced to $49.99 on the website right now.

I was looking for the sherpa lined hoodie, but was told it isn't in the stores yet. Instead, I found the Funnelneck Sweatshirt, grey, size S. I probably wouldn't have given this a second look on the website, but once I put it on, it felt so nice and cozy that I didn't want to take it off. It fits TTS, in my opinion. It's a bit pricey right now, but wait for a sale on it.

Lastly, the Keynote Dress In Bird's Eye Tweed, size 2. I usually size up in most JC dresses, but this one fits well. It's a lovely dress for the office. I don't see myself wearing it over a shirt, like JC suggests. On me, it hits mid-knee, and I am 5'6", for reference. Actually, I am 6' in this photo because I am perched up on the Biella High-Heel Loafers. These shoes are on sale in stores for $129.99, and if you were lucky to get them last week, they were an additional 30% off. The colour I am wearing is called warm taupe and I love them! They look kind of a grey on my monitor, and in the website photo they look off-white, but they are the warm taupe colour of last year. It's very close to the skin colour, so they make your legs look like they go on forever. Of course I did get them. I have been looking for that colour shoe for some time, and couldn't find anything that fit properly.

The Bellevue Square store had quite a few of these left, as well as several pairs of the Watson Wedges in black, if you are interested.

I also noticed the infamous Double-Breasted Sweater Jacket. It looked like a complete mess, so I wasn't even inspired to try it on. Instead, the Boiled Wool Cropped Blazer from LOFT caught my eye. It seems very well made.

I will post the crewlet photos in the next couple of days, hopefully.

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. mmm...must be because it's cold and rainy and I'm slightly sick, but I am eyeing that funnelneck sweatshirt and wondering if I could just wear that with long wool skirts and heeled oxfords for the next 8 months...!!

  2. I am so envious that you scored the Biella loafers on sale!! When I was in NYC a couple weeks ago, the sizes were picked clean, only really small and large sizes left. The funnelneck sweatshirt looks really nice too.

  3. Thanks for all the reviews. Those heels are definitely keepers, you look amazing in them, made your drive worthwhile, right? :)

  4. thatdamngreendress: sorry to read you are not feeling well! Hope you get better soon!

    Louise: I'm sure they will hit sale on the website soon. Sorry you didn't find them in your size. I think the Bellevue Square still had quite a few sizes left.

    CC: thanks for dropping by! Thank you very much! Yes, yes, I love them!

  5. Oh I love the loafers, I'm really over the nude shoe trend - Kate Middleton has killed it for me but they have bit more attitude in the high heel loafer style, fab!

  6. Loving that Funnelneck Sweatshirt! Looks so comfy, yet still so chic!

  7. The funnelneck sweatshirt is on my "wait for sale" list too - I love nothing more than dressed up sweats!

  8. I like the funnelneck sweatshirt, too. Good reviews :)

  9. T.: the nude is only now catching on around these parts. This is the wild west we are in. ;) Thank you!

    Jess, Lisa, gigiofca: it's a great piece, so will watch for it on sale!


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