Sunday, October 16, 2011

J. Crew Mid-October (I)

Given that the cool season is quickly approaching, here's a quick post with a couple of coats I tried on during my latest trip South. I do not recall seeing these a few weeks back when I visited. First, here's the Double-cloth Townhouse Trench Coat in heather caramel and size 4. This size has been my usual size in JC coats and jackets, except for the Double-cloth Envelope Coat, in which I sized down. The colour is a true caramel colour. I also found a pair of the Cece Studded Ballet Flats in my size 8 and cognac colour. They fit well lengthwise, but after a short while I had to take them off, as they didn't feelt comfortable. I guess ballet flats is something I will never be able to wear.

Double-cloth Townhouse Trench Coat (similar colour here or if you can afford it, here)
Cece Studded Ballet Flats  (similar colour here or here)

The other coat that was new and had not tried before was the Excursion Quilted Jacket in size S and black colour. There was also an Excursion Quilted Vest, but I didn't try it on. I was surprised to notice that the jacket didn't have any belt loops on the front. The buckle did not hold the belt properly on, so I resorted to tying it in the end (second pic). It is also quite thin, so it's not a winter jacket by any means, even if it's filled with down.


The store was relatively empty, but they did receive the No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Metallic Boucle since the last visit.  I didn't try it on since I also received this the day before, so I will be posting a Polyvore photo soon, probably. The skirt fits like the regular pencil skirts from J. Crew.

I will review the rest of the items I tried on in the next couple of days, hopefully. I did not go home empty-handed, though.

Hallowe'en is quickly approaching. Are you celebrating? This is the most I might do:

Have a great start of the week, everyone!


  1. I like the first coat and the ballet flats.
    Cookie (oh I'm becoming so American!) mixture poured in from a bottle, I've never seen that.Edinburgh has huge bog bonfire and all sorts of pagan celebrations on Hallowe'en but I think we have a concert on that night.

  2. Oh yeah that'll be pancake moulds then - duh! I've never seen anything like that.

  3. The trench looks adorable on you, and the color is gorgeous.

  4. Thanks for these reviews! Everything looks great on you!

  5. T.: the coat is beautiful, but I don't need another short coat, unfortunately. The first time I saw molds in shape of flowers was at Williams-Sonoma. You place them in your frying pan and fry eggs inside. They come out looking like daisies. It was fun to make these for kids.

    Sue: thank you. Caramel is one of my favourite colours. I had walls painted in that colour in my old house.

    runetts PhD: thank you very much! You are too kind.

  6. Hi there! I followed you from JCA. I was wondering where you were located and if they had other colors of the Townhouse Trench in stock? I'm asking bc I thought this was an online only item but if it is in stores now (and not a lone return), I am racing over tomorrow to check them out! I've been dying to see it in person.. am slightly enamored. Please let me know! Thank you :)

  7. simply complex: thanks for visiting! That's the only colour I noticed in the Bellevue Square store. You may want to call them and ask. It is not a return, as they had several sizes available. Good luck!

  8. Thank you so much Rose! I'm in San Francisco.. I will call my store tomorrow. :)

  9. It looks like you might have a high arch. Maybe that's why flats aren't comfy? I may take the baby around for candy w/my nephews. First Halloween and all.

  10. gigiofca: I do have a high arch but that doesn't bother me when I wear flats. Hopefully it won't get too noisy for the baby out there!

  11. I love the Biella loafers!
    The mini pancakes molds are so cute! I might get them for my boys :-)
    Thanks for the great reviews!

  12. Andrea: thanks for visiting. I love them too. Yes, the molds are a cute idea for kids!


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