Sunday, October 30, 2011

J. Crew - Late October (I)

Bright and early on Saturday morning, I picked up Closet Crisis of One Too Many Closets and headed down South for the day. We had plans to go see J. Crew and maybe the outlet, but not much else. It was nice to take this trip with another JCA so I wouldn't have to justify myself why I need to spend an hour perusing the store and trying on clothes there. I had fun, and hopefully CC had too. I had already warned her the night before that there is no coffee or food allowed in the car, but that didn't seem to scare her off. :)

And here are just a few photos of some of the items I tried. First off, I got a kick (and so did CC and the SA), when I tried on the No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Royal Paisley size 2 paired with the Talitha Blouse in Royal Paisley size 0. This is exactly how the pencil skirt is pictured in the catalog (minus the shoes). On close inspection, the off-white background of the skirt is not identical to the one of the top, but I am not sure how many JCAs would wear these 2 items paired up anyway, so it is not really important. The top is not silk, though, so keep that in mind. It is 100% rayon.  See this skirt on ABC here. There was also the Blouson Dress In Royal Paisley in the store, but since winter is looming, I didn't feel inspired enough to try it on. The shoes are the Mona Pumps in dusty clay I have tried before here. This time I chose size 8 1/2 to see how they fit, since my regular size is 8. The width was good, but the shoe was too long, as you can see from the second photo. So I know that sizing up in this pump would not work for me. 

Mona Pumps (nude pumps here or here)

Next I tried the Overtime Necktie Top In Bird's Eye Tweed (try saying that fast a few times), size 2. This is a cute top made of wool. The knit is so smooth, though, I felt no itchiness at all. I should have gone with size 4 in this top, as 2 is too snug for me. But that's because I have a longer torso and bigger shoulders than most women. The top has a very well hidden zipper on the side, so getting in and out of it is relatively easy.

Overtime Necktie Top In Bird's Eye Tweed (a necktie top here or a blouse here)

And lastly, at least for now, here's the Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench size 4 and saddle colour. This seems to be my usual coat size at J. Crew. The fabric is nice and thick, and would love this in a different colour and a bit longer, though. It hits me above the knee, and I am 5'6".

Stadium-Cloth Boulevard Trench (similar camel coats here, here, here or here)

I blogged about the Double-Cloth Townhouse Trench here before, for anyone interested in more coats, and I have more JC stuff and the crewlet haul to show you. Also watch CC's blog for her try-ons later this week.

If I don't get to my next post by tomorrow, have a happy Hallowe'en, everyone!


  1. What fun to go shopping with another JCA! Sounds like you enjoyed the trip.

    I do LOVE the paisley pencil skirt on you - it's so flattering with both tops.

    ps - thanks for the link love Rose. :)

  2. What a fun road trip! I can't wait to see what other things you tried on, as well as what Closet Crisis tried on. The Stadium Cloth trench looks really good on you!! For some reason, it makes you look super tall. I tried on the Mona Pumps during my last visit, and found the size 8 fit fine (that's a half size up from my regular shoe size) but the heel height was too much for me. I went with the Valentina pumps instead.

  3. I had tons of fun! It's good to go with a fellow JCA, who understands the need to take time browsing and trying on! I'm still laughing at myself for not trying on the shoes, I was so fixated on the clothes. Oh well, next time! ;)

  4. I agree, the Boulevard trench looks great on you. I tried the overtime necktie top and found it one size too small too, so it isn't just because of your shoulders ;-). I hope to get it on supersale at some point, it is very cute but so overpriced.
    I am in the minority but I don't like that paisley print, not only it reads spring to me and not Fall (and definitively not winter) but as someone else said I find it scary. It's funny but in your pic the top and the skirt colors don't seem to match (not only the white but only the green). I understand why you had a kick trying on the comci, especially with another JCA in the fitting room!

  5. You are welcome, ABC! The paisley skirt (and the pattern) is lovely. Yes, you would have enjoyed this trip for sure!

    Louise, thank you! It may be my 4 inch heels that make me look that tall! J/K It is a lovely coat!

    Hello, CC! I know I had fun... hopefully I didn't scare you off too badly. :)

    Hi Ema! Thanks for visiting> I loved that top and will try to get it on sale too. I agree that the skirt is more for spring, but I still like it. If you have the chance, go see it in the store... I promise it won't scare you at all. :)

  6. What fun going with CC, I'd love a girlie day out, I haven't done anything like that in yonks. And yes the double paisley is quite terrifying!

  7. I love the paisley skirt and top. Not sure if i would wear them together. Also, if you'll note the paisley medallion in the top doesn't align with the medallion in the skirt. The one in the top is off center while the skirt's is center. I do think the skirt is best for the spring or fall, considering the color and the fabric (100% cotton with cotton lining).

    I also like the overtime necktie top, but it's sleeveless, and i don't think i could wear it during the winter months.

  8. T.: I had fun, and I think CC did too!

    Cleo: me neither. If they don't line up properly it would look odd wearing them together, I agree. I also agree about the necktie top -- it's not really a winter time top.


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