Monday, October 31, 2011

J. Crew Late October (III)

Finally, I made my way through all the photos. This is the Colorblock Minimalist Mockneck Sweater, size S. The sweater is quite substantial (7 gauge merino wool), but soft at the same time. I would watch for this one in the other colourway (navy/eggplant).

Colorblock Minimalist Mockneck Sweater (similar here, here or here)

Next was the Fanfare Jacket In Peacock Tweed, size 4. I really wanted to love this jacket, but it didn't happen. I just didn't like the colour combo and the buttons looked cheap. This jacket is cut similarly to the Honey Tweed from last year, in my opinion.

Fanfare Jacket In Peacock Tweed (similar here or here, and my favourite here)

Lastly, and for a good laugh for everyone, here are the Cafe Capri In Harvest Tweed size 2. When I first saw these pants on the JC site I had a chuckle, but when I put them on, I had a big laugh. Why, JC, WHY? The fit was right on, and the fabric was nice to the touch despite the poly in them, but I could not get over the colours. Also, the fabric added way more bulk than I wanted to see. The top is the Daisylace Tee size S and ivory colour. Shoes are the Martina Wedges in tortoise and size 8 1/2. I blogged about these shoes here before. The one half size up from my regular size 8 fit perfectly. These shoes are now sold out, but you can still get the solid colour patent ones or calf hair ones.
Daisylace Tee (similar here)
Cafe Capri In Harvest Tweed (tweed capris here or on sale here)
Martina Wedges (similar here or here)

On the way back home CC and I stopped at the outlets, where there was a 30% off the last sale price on sweaters, as well as 30% off hoodies, so I ended up getting 2 Merino Boyfriend Sweatshirts (in vintage navy and cobblestone), as well as a Sherpa-Lined Fleece Hoodie in black.

Hope you all stayed safe for Hallowe'en!


  1. ah! Thanks so much for posting the mockneck sweater - I'm totally crushing on it. Glad to hear its more substantial....I kinda thought it would be pretty thin.


  2. We should start a fan club of the mockneck, I'm singing its praises on blogger and in Polyvore ;) Those pants... what can one say... someone out there will rock them, I'm just not sure by whom...

  3. Tasia, it's nice and thick, and would consider it in the dark colour scheme.

    CC: I think we already did. :) Yes, I know it will not be me rocking the pants.

  4. They look as if they're made from mud and hay!

  5. Hmm, you're right, those pants are really strange! Also, I saw the Martina tortoise wedges in the sale section of the website this morning.

  6. Those pants look like you're wearing a shag carpet.

    I love the look of the mockneck in navy and purple. Too bad I can't wear wool next to my skin. It's not worth it to buy it and wear a turtlneck underneath.

  7. I thought the Colorblock sweater was orange? Anyway, I love it too and it looks great on you! I think J Crew has done a little better this season with the merino wool; they are more tightly woven. I don't even look at most other sweaters -- I have too many sweaters with holes already =(

  8. I am also in the mockneck fan club!!! Those pants are a hot mess.

  9. And to make matters worse, look at the stripe sweater they style the pants with online!

  10. T.: good description! You are not too far off.

    Louise: I noticed it too -- must have been a pop-back item.

    xoxo, it is so soft, I had to do a double-take of the label.

    dinster, it is that 'flame' colour -- more orange than the photo. The lighting in the fitting room is not ideal for picture taking.

    triciathomas: haha! You nailed it. They are a hot mess.

    Sue, probably to distract the viewer from the hot mess below. :)

  11. I can see modern red or vibrant orange w/the pants, but not on me. Can't wait to see who does them well. Thanks for sharing great pics :)

    I'm underwhelmed by the latest offerings. I'm going to keep it at that.


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