Friday, September 2, 2011

A Room With A View (II)

Once again I accepted my friend's parents' dinner invitation, as I couldn't say no to a meal cooked by her mom. Before going there, I popped into Thierry's to get a box of macaroons for a small treat to take with me. Read more about this place here.

My friend and I go back many years, all the way back to our UBC days. She is now living in Toronto, unfortunately, so we don't visit as often as we'd like. In my usual fashion (and like all the visitors they get up there), I whipped out my crackberry and started taking photos of the view from the top. I already shared some photos on a previous visit here.

View to the East, with part view of the harbour, and North Vancouver across the water. You can click on the photos to get a more detailed view, if you wish:

View right across to the North, North Shore mountains in the background and the tallest building in Vancouver at the moment, the Shangri-La. (I am in the second tallest building while taking these photos):

View straight down from the kitchen window, and I am glad the windows don't open, let me tell you. This is the old BC Hydro building:

View slightly to the West, with the rest of the downtown highrise buildings and the mountains and West Vancouver in the background:

And my very favourite, the view to the West, just as the sun was setting. At that point, I wish I could have opened a window to capture the beautiful colours of the sunset:

And here's another long weekend coming up. Initially I was going to drive South to visit a friend in Seattle, but now I have postponed that trip. My coveted Merino Pencil Skirt is waiting for me there. I see the black one is already sold out online. I have a few black skirts, so I wanted the heather saddle colour. I am thinking of pairing it with either the Tippi sweater (see more blog photos here) in black, or see if they have the one in leopard in the store. The colour of the pants the model is wearing is close to the colour of the skirt. I'm also coveting the Madewell Archive Leather Boots in black. They are currently on sale, plus Madewell is offering a 30% off discount this weekend. Decisions, decisions...

Hope everyone is having a safe long weekend!


  1. Wow, it's all so shiny and new there, it looks like a sic fi movie to me!

  2. It's amazing how good the photos from your blackberry are...they look like postcards. Good luck with your decisions. I must be behind on J Crew because I didn't even know there was a merino pencil skirt, when I clicked over I have to say my vote is the heather saddle...gorgeous. Have a great weekend, wherever you end up!

  3. Wow those are some great pictures, considering you took them from your phone too! Love that last one.

    Enjoy your long weekend!

  4. Lovely pics, thanks for sharing! The highest I've ever been (in town here) is the top of the Bentall Towers. Things do look different up there :) Have a great long weekend yourself!

  5. T., the city is relatively young, and there has been a lot of construction in the past 10 years or so.

    Sue: thanks! I hope to love that colour too.

    thatdamngreendress, Jess, CC: thank you!

  6. What an incredible view! Hope you having a great long weekend!

  7. Cheers, Louise! Thanks for visiting!


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