Wednesday, September 14, 2011

J. Crew - September (II)

As promised, here are the rest of the photos from my JC trip. First is the now sold out online Schoolboy Blazer In Houndstooth. This is a size 6 and it's too large on me, but there was no 4, and the 0 and 2 were too small for me. There were other sizes also available. The wool is very soft and not itchy at all. The inside  pocket detail shows some very nice stitching.

Underneath I had the Button Shoulder Sweatshirt Tee  in size XS and heather pacific colour. I didn't care much for it. I liked the button detail, but the sleeves were too long, and so was the body. The skirt is the one I blogged about in my precious post. Can I say again that I love this skirt?

Button Shoulder Sweatshirt Tee (similar here or here)
Merino Pencil Skirt (similar here)

Next is the Betsy Sweater size S and decadent red colour. Love the colour, but didn't care much for the 7-gauge knit. I prefer the Tippi Sweater to this one.  
Betsy Sweater (similar colour here or here)

In a brighter red, here's the  Cashmere Cable Sweater size S and vibrant flame colour. I loved this sweater and didn't want to take it off, but at the stiff price tag, would only consider it on a major sale.

Cashmere Cable Sweater (similar here or here)

Here's the No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Vintage Tweed  in navy and size 2. I blogged about this skirt in the pink colorway here before. Initially I was going for size 4 for a looser fit, but I have been working out harder in the last month or so and now size 2 fit me better. The Stretch Perfect Shirt In Wide Stripe I am wearing I also blogged about in my previous post.  

Stretch Perfect Shirt In Wide Stripe (similar here)
No. 2 Pencil Skirt In Vintage Tweed (similar here)

Next I tried the Herringbone Wool Shirtdress in size 2. The dress is lined but it made no difference to me. It was so itchy, I couldn't get out of it fast enough, and I'm not even that sensitive to wool. See it also on dinster here. On top of it all, it was way too short for me. (I am 5'6" with no heels).  

Herringbone Wool Shirtdress (similar here)

The Ruthie Shirtdress  also in size 2 and green gatsby colour. It's a bit tight on me, and again it is too short. I am also not inspired to buy when the clothes are all wrinkled.

Ruthie Shirtdress (similar here or here)

Lastly, I keep forgetting to post the picture of the Martina Wedges in size 8 1/2 I am trying on. Normally I am size 8M in JC shoes, but these fit perfectly.

Martina Wedges

The 20% off cords and denim runs through midnight tonight. Have you ordered any? I haven't, but my friend I visited last weekend has...  I think we will have another JC convert soon.


  1. I love the rich colours of the sweaters! And I'm loving the leopard print trend this fall. Got JC's skinny patent belt last fall, have added a b&w print scarf from Granville St. Now eyeballing a pair of shoes. The wedges are soooo pretty.

  2. Jess: it's beautifully made.

    CC: lovely colours, I agree. You shoudl have seen them all lined up on the table... I wanted to try them all on.

  3. I love the colours of the jumpers too, I am only now realising that my pale skin really suits shades like that. I really wanted that Ruthie dress but it just looks a bit blah when I see it on and I love the navy tweed pencil skirt, really elegant. Oh and I want the shoes too!

  4. I love the bright colours of the sweaters. The merino wool pencil skirt looks great on you. I'm all about shades of camel right now. I'm impatiently awaiting the arrival of my No. 2 skirt in heather acorn - can't wait to wear it this fall. Just looking at that herringbone dress and reading your description makes my skin start to feel itchy!!

  5. The pencil skirt is very elegant and looks to be so versatile. I also love the bright sweaters. Too bad I get itchy so easily, I'll be passing on pretty much any wool sweaters this season.

  6. T.: I think you need to go shopping. All the pieces you selected would be great on you!

    Louise: if the merino skirt wouldn't have worked out, I was going to go for the one you chose. We need to see OOTD photos when you get it. :)

    xoxo: thanks. I thought so too! I think you would be safe with the cashmere sweater. It is extremely soft.


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