Sunday, September 11, 2011

J. Crew - September (I)

While visiting my friend in Seattle, of course I made my way to JC as well. So here's a quick post about a few items.

I loved the look of the Vintage Cotton Stripe Shoulder-Zip Tee size XS.   

Also loved the look and feel of the merino Stripe Saturday Sweater (also size XS). It's not too thick and it didn't feel itchy. 

Stripe Saturday Sweater (similar here or here)

The much talked about Flair Skirt  In Double Serge Wool in size 2. I didn't feel the love, partly because the skirt is quite heavy, and it is not a flattering style on me.  The shirt is the  Perfect Shirt In Medium Gingham    in peony, also size2. The Martina Wedges I blogged about here before. These are the Martina Tortoise Wedges  in size 8 1/2. The 8 1/2 fitted perfectly on. Usually I am size 8M in J. Crew shoes.

Another love were the Greer Wedge Ankle Boots  in cognac. They fitted perfectly in my regular size, 8M.


I have more photos for a later post. What do you think of the picks?

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! I am going to a party on Lake Sammamish later today. Hopefully the weather stays nice.


  1. Cute tee and sweater, but I agree, the skirt is a loser. I don't think it would be actually flattering on anybody.

  2. The boots are fab! I'm trying to focus on middle aged mid sized heels now, I have too many boots/shoes that are only for nights out, I wish I could walk all day in heels like you do.

    I loved the flair skirt, I've got it up for tomorrow, I pretty much look the same as you in it, I like it because I took the size 2 and my belly can spill out all it wants.

  3. I love your picks and reviews! And true to form I am totally gravitating towards the gingham shirt :P Weather was FANTASTIC this weekend, wasnt' it? SPF 50+ sunshine!! Woohoo! Have a good start to your week!

  4. I love that first t-shirt and tried it on too, love love it. I tried on the Flair skirt too and think it's a Crewlade item: it looks like a Talbots skirt, to be frank, and if it was at Talbots, there would not be that much interest in it. Great fabric, but not particularly flattering.

  5. Sue: I think it would have to be someone very skinny to look good in it. I guess I am not. :)

    Tabitha: ah, and here's the skinny girl! It looks great on you!

    CC: I knew the shirt would strike a chord with you. :D I agree, we have finally been spoiled with all this sunshine!

    dinster: glad you loved the tee as well. The fabric on that skirt is fab, no doubt about it.


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