Monday, September 12, 2011

J. Crew Merino Pencil Skirt

The Merino Pencil Skirt in heather saddle caught my eye when I first saw it, and after asking for the measurements from customer service, I decided to go with a size S. This is the equivalent to size 4, I was told. I loved the thicker knit of this skirt, perfect for fall and winter! The heather saddle colour is the perfect match to the Stripe Saturday Sweater I blogged about yesterday. I decided that was too matchy-matchy for this skirt, even though I liked the wide stripes on the sweater.

I first chose to try it on with the Tippi Sweater in black (size S) and a belt. I wish they had one in the tortoise pattern of the Martina Wedges, but this red one had to do.

Tippi Sweater (here in vibrant flame and here in marled camel)
Patent Triple-Loop Belt (similar here  and a wider one here)

The second option I had in mind was the Stretch Perfect Shirt In Wide Stripe (size S). The label code says navy, but the stripes look almost black to me, at least in artificial lighting. The SA couldn't find a women's wider black belt in the store for me, so she brought a men's size 32 that I am cinching at the back. I was trying to envision what it would look like if I wore my Distressed Denim Belt with it.

For now, I decided to go for the second look and got the shirt. I've always wanted a shirt with vertical stripes.

Do you have the merino pencil skirt? How did you style it? Please share.

I have a lot more photos but  I need time to sort through them, hopefully this week.

Hope your week has started well.


  1. Such a lovely classic skirt, this is where I'm going with my new 'growed up lady' look. I want to get away from my jeans, although with winter coming that will be quite the challenge.

  2. Lovely skirt and I do like it on you a lot. I am not in need of a pencil skirt right now but if I was, I'd be looking at this one for sure. Thank you for great review.

  3. The skirt is so pretty. I like it with the black sweater, and I think I'd wear it with tights and boots (eventually!)

  4. T: Thanks, I love it too. Jeans have their place too. I couldn't live without them. :D

    Slastena: thank you very much. It's nice and light because it is a knit material, unlike the other wool skirts from JC.

    Sue: thank you so much. I have my eye on the black sweater as well, but I am waiting for it to go on sale. I was told that would happen sooner than the shirt would by the SA. I noticed that their Haberdashery shirts take forever to make it to sale.

  5. I love the skirt on you.

    But you know I'm really here to weigh in on the shirt, don't you ;) The stripes are kinda "prison garb" like IRL. The website's product photo is a tad misleading.

    I'd love to pick up the Tippy in a couple colours when it goes on sale. Did you size up? I take a Small in JC's pullovers and a medium in the cardigans. Did you go with your usual pullover size?

    Thanks for the reviews!

  6. CC: thanks for chiming in. I didn't get the feeling I was wearing 'big house attire' in that shirt at all. :) The sweater is size S, which is what I usually take in sweaters. I am also hoping to get the Tippi in a couple of colours as well (or maybe three) later on too.

  7. Hahah I'm trying to talk myself out of wanting another striped shirt. Sorry for the snark ;)

    Dying to drive to SEA to visit JC and other stores, but BF is pooped after this last weekend's exertions and want to stay home. Oh well, will have to keep looking at your reviews and living vicariously!


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