Sunday, September 25, 2011

The Gap - Late September

It's been a while since I've done a Gap post. The store near my work is an absolute mess most of the time, and it seems I can never find anything in there.

The Leather-Trim Shift Dress is currently on sale, and it could be a perfect dress for the office if it were a bit longer (I am 5'6", for reference). This is a size 4 and dark grey colour.

Leather-Trim Shift Dress (similar here or here)

A few more things caught my eye, among them this Pointelle Tie-Waist Cardigan in the heather brown colour (size S, 80/20 wool/nylon) worn with the Ribbon-Waist Printed Skirt size 4, which is on sale as well. I sized up in this for a bit more length.

and in the grey:

And lastly, I loved the colour and the construction of the Herringbone Collarless Jacket (size 2), which is also on sale right now. This jacket fits big, and the fabric has too much acrylic, for my taste.

The Gap has an additional 30% off women's/men's (or 25% off kids/baby) sale items going on right now through Tuesday. Will you be taking advantage of this sale? I know I am passing on this one.


  1. I used to love the Gap, in fact in the early 90s I shopped there more than J. Crew. Unlike the Crew, though, I never ever go to the Gap anymore. I do like the first dress, though, but definitely derivative, even with the leather trim. Sigh, maybe the Gap will get its groove back, a la Stella. ;)

  2. I love the Gap!

  3. dina: I agree... the Gap needs an infusion of something soon. Other than jeans and the occasional sweater, I haven't shopped there much either.

    Sunshine: I used to love it a lot... not so much these days, but I am still hopeful. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Oh the poor Gap. There's not much that catches my eye enough that I'll step inside the store. They'll have a new designer now that Patrick Robinson (?) is gone. Perhaps things will turn around.

  5. That tie-waist cardigan is cute on you!

  6. gigiofca: I know what you mean. Let's hope the next person can revive it.

    Jess: Thanks! I liked it too.

    Nantucket Daffodil: thanks for visiting! It is a cute dress.


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